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Students work and testimonials from Fearless Expression


  Fearless Expression workshop is up and running since 29 of February and new students are coming in every day. We have lots of magnificent art created by very talented artists. There are fabulous works of arts done with kids, and one mother have done it with each of her 4 kids! And there are really beautiful works of art produced by artists by themselves, without children, using fearless techniques learned from Tallulah and me. Below are some of the students works, and there are so many more, I wish I could proudly display them all here, but in this case the page will go on an on!

If you are still thinking about signing up, it's absolutely not too late. I am here for support and daily check our FB group to comment on new entries. Everyone in the group is very kind and gentle with comment, we get encouragement from each other daily. Registration page is HERE.

Here are few testimonials:

You are so wow just wow! I haven't ever been a technical painter, I have no formal training and have always felt this has held me back. In your fearless expression class, I have felt like I can finally give myself permission to do my art the way I was meant to. From the heart and soul, not worried about whether I am "good enough" to call myself an artist. I want to thank you for this! For me it's hard to be vulnerable and let my guard down, and with your class, it has given me courage to take back my worth! It's so liberating every time I do a piece from your class, collaboration with Rosie or watch Rosie! It has not only changed my perception of art/creating, but on life in general! You my friend are doing such amazing work on a soul level! I hope you realize how inspiring you are! – Sara Burch

I've spent the last hour or two watching videos and I've enjoyed them so much... you guys are just a joy to watch and I've had lots of fun and been really inspired. I've given another layer to my first canvas and annihilated another unwanted picture! Thank you again, I really feel that with your help (and Tallulah's!) I'm growing as an artist. You guys are fab! – Jo Hudson

To read more testimonials please CLICK HERE.






Collaboration with Flowrsinher Hair


In case you didn’t know Flowrsinher Hair is an art name of a very talented Cape Town artist Jeanne-Marie Webb. FB community of artists often call her simply Flowers. She is indeed very beautiful flower-like gentle soul: JeanneMarieWebb01

So “Soulful Sisters” is my collaboration with her:


Jeanne Marie has visited me recently for a weekend of fun and inspiration. On a spur of the moment she suggested we make an artwork together, and we have filmed it along the way. We started with painting 2 faces on 1 large piece of paper, using only 1 reference (just to see where the light falls and to guide us in the color palette.)

Ok, are you ready to see the reference?!! I am closing my eyes now… 3-2-1… Ta-da!!!


What?! I know, right?! Flowrs hardly used the reference, she is rebellious like that. And I was like: “Hey! Are you using the reference?!” And she was be like: “Ummm… Hmmm… Yea…” I used it a lot! (That’s the way I paint). Somehow this lovely warm green have crept into our work and tied it all together. And the light fell where it should be.

She painted her side for a while and I painted mine, and then we swapped sides and interfered with each other’s work, then we swapped sides again and the artwork was done!


Magic happened! We are both in love with this work, but who gets to keep it? Tough decision… So, we have to sell it. It went to Flowrs shop.

And here is the video incase you missed it:

Art Collaboration: AnnieHamman & FlowrsInHerHair from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.


Thank you for viewing, we had fun!




Just few reminders, next year I teach in:

  1. Life Book – one year long online workshops with 21 fabulous teathers. Fabulous art lessons delivered to your inbox every week, and at end of the year you bind your art into 1 BIG book. Or don’t bind it – sell it! :)
  2. Let’s Face It – one year long online workshop on faces, collaborating with 15 other teachers. Let’s paint faces whole year.
  3. My own workshop “Fearless Expression” involving collaboration with my toddler artist Tallulah Jade Rainbow. Registration opens 15th of January 2016, workshop starts 29th of February. More details soon!

Let's Face It!



Dear creative friends!

I cannot believe 2015 is coming to an end, and what a creative year it has been! I am almost overwhelmed to think about next busy year ahead of me. It seems like I will be teaching in 3 large workshops together with other teachers. Plus 3 entries for Stencil Girl Products – wow!

I know some of you have been asking my to refer you to a fresh face painting workshop out there, and I could not give a definite answer on it up until my new discovery now:


The recent invitation I have received and accepted was from all year round workshop “Let’s Face It 2016” hosted by wonderful Kara Bullock. 17 fabulous teachers will be presenting videos for the whole year on huge variety of techniques related to painting faces: realistic, expressive, whimsical, profiles, three quarter, face forward, with shoulders and even with whole body attached to it, lol. Everything is covered on faces, plus more. I will be doing face profile in acrylics with palette knives and later in the year whole body: face, figure, hands, feet, plus detailed composition all around, almost like in my workshop “Soulful Art” , but well different.

Prepare to be amazed! Who are the teachers? Some girls I know via FB and they are totally awesome: Olga Furman, Ivette Newport, Robin Laws, Angela Kennedy, and many more names you will recognize if you go to check out this page: LETS FACE IT

Look at some other teachers’ work! OMG, I wanna paint like that:



Juna Biagioni

Ady Almanza

Lucy Brydon

I will be honest, if I wasn’t invited as a teacher there – I would have signed up! Because it is always an awesome idea to learn painting faces from others. I adore faces and so very very excited to be a student of this course, let alone teaching in it!

I hope to see some of you on the workshop next year and lets create together. (Shshshsh.... I believe it is last couple of weeks of early bird discount there!)

Accidental Painter Of Angels


It’s been couple of years since I noticed winged or saint looking women appear in my art. I go through mostly same process every time, that I described in my Soulful Art Workshop, where I gather together collage elements, shuffle them around until they form a story, then draw it into composition and start to paint. I almost never have a plan for an angel or a saint. I am just thinking of painting a girl with dreamy soulful expression. More often than not, some kind of wing would appear behind my girl, I wouldn’t even notice it at first, but then eventually I would – and then I accentuate it even more, or leave it as is. Laughingly, I started calling myself “accidental painter of angels”. Whether I want it or not – they come. This one I completed today. She doesn’t really have a wing, unless what you see on the right  - is kind of a hint for it. This time, she really wanted a halo, so I gave it to her. “It goes with my complexion”, she said. Whatever you want. Although I haven’t painted you yet, you already exist, the way you want to.





Here are few stages of this artwork. Originally I planned to paint it very light, almost white throughout, but it did not result in that way. It wanted drama and mystery, and vibrant vibe. Ok, I will roll with it.



I called one below "the ugly stage"! All artworks go through it before emerging on the other side:





Final result. "Messenger." Acrylics on canvas. 22'X28'. Canvas border is 1.5' thick. Original available in my Etsy Shop.

Here are the images that inspired me while creating this artwork.





Art supplies used:

Acrylics, Golden range: Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Hansa Yellow Opaque, Cadmium Red Light, Prussian Blue, Titanium White. On the dress I used Golden Open Slow Drying Acrylic in Titanium White. It really helped me with drying time to scratch out those patterns patiently.

Tree branches stencil is from

Large leaves stencil on the left top corner, and circle writings stencil behind girl’s head are from: stencilgirlproducts. com

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Transforming few old artworks

Lately I've been digging out some old not very effective artworks and giving them new life. Here are 4 that I just finished and finally quite happy with. Sometimes revival of old proves to be wrong move, when people say that they love old version better, but important thing is that you as an artist happy with final result. Bottom line is: we are not making art to please others, unless it's commissioned work. This one is acrylic on canvas, painted with a small palette knife, but I redone her with brush and more fresh realistic skin tone. Values were also corrected which I think made it more effective. "Listener":


She used to be a simple monoprint in oils, so I gave her a couple of fresh oil layers. "She spoke the truth":


Update in oils. "On the road you warned me about, I go with wavering heart":



Below work was done on 2006, 9 years ago, I used to live in Micronesian islands then, and photographed this native girl somewhere on the road. It might have been my first ever attempt to paint a face, after years of still life, flowers and journaling. So, yea, she was flat and uninteresting and collected dust in my studio ever since. I was not happy with the artwork, but could not give up on it and dragged her all the way from Micronesia to South Africa (24'X30'):


So I gave her a fresh new life and named her "Spring". I painted her face, then Tallulah joined me and helped me to collage lives and paint the tree. Tallulah's free and fearless influence is obvious here and I enjoyed her fresh approach. It is now framed and gracing a wall in Tallulah's blue bedroom. Our first collaboration: