Soulful Story Art 2

In-Depth Online Workshop

Ongoing since September 2016, sign up any time

Students work from this class can be seen HERE

Testimonials from this class can be read HERE

This 2 week workshop offers 4 projects - 4 soulful story art artworks that you will paint with me, plus a bonus project.

In this new workshop I will share in depth variety of approaches in creating symbolic and soulful story art.

Since I started painting faces I was mesmerised by story art. I longed to paint not just a face, but many more additional elements to convey a story in my heart. My art started making sense to me only after I discovered variety of ways to add more to the face: hands, objects, animals, abstract or landscape background, symbols of roads, moons, Ferris wheels and tunnels. Now after several years of painting story art I am eager to share my discoveries with all of you.

What will you learn?

Where to start when begin planning story art

Artworks in color as well as monochrome

Acrylics and mixed-media works

Artworks with thorough planning and assembling composition step by step

Spontaneous and intuitive artworks

Combination of planning and intuitive approach in one

Variety of landscapes: fields, mountains, tunnel, forest

Learning to paint hands and hair

Detailed guidance through painting faces, variety of approaches

Learning to glaze with transparent acrylic colors on a face

Exploring symbolism and how to arrive at your own symbols in story art

Bringing intuitive story art out of created abstract collage

Basics of working on Photoshop when assembling your composition


Price: $65

For South Africans workshop cost R700, please find EFT instructions here.

Class supply list is here.


Questions and answers:

Once I sign up, when will I receive my password?

Access to workshop will be given within 48 hours after signing up.

Will we do exact artworks shown on the photo on this page?

Yes, these are the 5 projects you will paint with me.

What is the difference between this workshop and previous one “Creating Soulful Art With A Story”?

Previous workshop had only 1 project/artwork, it was in black and white and showed only 1 approach to story making out of all that I use. This new workshop will show 4 new different approaches, bigger variety, more techniques to explore and secrets to unravel.

Do I have to participate in previous workshop on story art to be able to do new one?

Not at all. 2 workshops stand on their own and simply show different techniques.

Should I take this new workshop if I participated in the first one?

I highly recommend that you do. I have come a long way in 1 year since making my 1st workshop, as an artist and a teacher. I discovered many more ways of making story art.

How will support group work?

Facebook group was created, you will receive link to it once you signed up. Please email me if for some reason you were not added to this group. I am available and involved teacher, you can ask me questions any time about your work. You don’t have to join FB group if you don’t want to, but I recommend you to join, as supportive group experience will really help you grow.

How many videos will be there?

27 videos, 9 hours 40 min of material.

Are videos downloadable?


For how long will the workshop be available?

At least 2 years, as long as I am in business.

How long will it take to complete 5 projects?

Everyone should go at their own pace, videos are downloadable, support FB group will stay up indefinitely. You can take your time in developing your story art.

Is it suitable to beginner artist?

Absolutely. I explain the whole process step by step. The workshop will be valuable to an artist of any level of experience.

Do I have to buy all the supplies on your list?

No, you can substitute with whatever you have at hand. 

Can I share and sell my work created during the workshop?

Absolutely! I am always delighted to hear when my student’s work sells.

Can I give this workshop as a gift?

Yes! After you made payment, please email me details of the receiver.