Truth in my hands - painting:

20 minutes fast forwarded collaboration with fabulous artist from Cape Town Jeanne-Marie Webb:

I made this video lesson "Colorful Faces", for Stencil Girl Talk blog, supply list and the actual class is here:

Me and 4 year old Tallulah Jade Rainbow Hamman painted this Frida simultaneously:

Tallulah Jade Rainbow creates large abstract on canvas beginning to end:

14 minutes free video: art collaboration with a talented artist Jeanne-Marie Webb (Flowrsinher Hair):

We take turns to paint each other faces by swapping sides at the easel. Watch as her face becomes mine, my face become hers, and then it turns all the way around again. We had fun!

Teaser video for my lesson for LifeBook 2016

I will present it on 18th of January. To read more about Life Book - 1 year long workshop, hosted by Tamara Laporte, please visit here:

Intuitive value studies of 6 faces simultaneously:

1st collaboration with Tallulah Jade Rainbow, 3 years old: