Fearless Expression

For the mother and the artist in you

Collaborative workshop of Annie Hamman & Tallulah Jade Rainbow

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This workshop contains 4 parts:





What to expect

Downloadable videos

Focus on abstract art and expressive portraiture art

Focus on letting go of fears related to making art

Professional quality filming and editing

Art exercises on vibrant expressive face-painting

Learning to work with color and values

Unique concept, innovative approach and fresh ideas

Advice related to painting faces (for both beginners and intermediate)

This is not a "paint throwing" workshop (although we will throw some paint here and there!), I am going to teach you to collaborate with your child AND/OR with your inner child.

In the Bonus section the workshop will contain at least 7 videos on how to start the same painting process with your child (1-13 years old), that I started with Tallulah when she was 1. How to set up space, what to buy, how to approach it, etc. Detailed explanations will be given and all questions answered to get you going. I will show Tallulah’s studio, her tools, space organization, variety of applications, how to clean your baby and many more tips and tricks, all filmed on video and explained!

Are you ready to face youngest art teacher in the world? She has a no-nonsense style!

Are you ready for expressive art without fear - both abstract and portraiture?

Here comes online art workshop you have never seen before. Are you intrigued? :)

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Price - $75


For South Africans, please get EFT instructions here.  Amount: R800.

Is it suitable for me?

The workshop is focusing on releasing inner child within us, intuitive, expressive and loose mark-making. If you have a child or grandchild (1 to 17 years old), and you love to make art, this workshop is for you. If you don’t have a child to observe and collaborate, the workshop will still work for you, by observing Tallulah, and learning fearless techniques from her and me, in creating abstracts and faces. Beginner to advanced levels are welcome.

How many videos in each of the 4 parts?

Each part will have about 5-8 videos in it.

How long will it take me to complete workshop?

You should be able to complete all given exercises in 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the pace you are going at. It is designed as a 3-week workshop, so if you engage with it daily - you will complete it in 3 weeks.

How does it differ from your previous workshop "Creating Soulful Art With A Story"?

Soulful art was done without Tallulah and in monochrome palette. Fearless Expression is in full blown saturated color, with some elements of story art present. Soulful art focuses on methodical step-by-step approach in creating story in art. Fearless Expression focuses on spontaneity, intuition, freedom of expression, taking risks and going with the flow. Both workshops have tips and tricks from me on painting faces effectively and working with values.

For how long will the workshop be available?

You can download all the videos to keep them for a lifetime, but the actual workshop on my website will be on for at least 2 years. It will stay on for as long as I am in business.

If you are a part of collaborative workshop of Tamara Laporte “Life Book” this year, my 1st class there is shown on 18th January. Please be sure to watch 2 videos there, as this will be the style I will teach in “Fearless Expression”: http://tinyurl.com/AnnieLifeBook

About Tallulah

Tallulah Jade Rainbow Hamman just turned 4 on the 6th of January. She is painting large abstract paintings on canvas since the age of 1 year and 3 month. At the age of 3 Tallulah held her 1st solo exhibition with 30 large canvases presented. She may be youngest professional artist in the world today. What started as fun experiment became a crucial point in my creative life of an artist-mother. Just by observing Tallulah’s fearless art approach I moved from controlled restricted art to a lot more loose, spontaneous approach. While playing with abstract elements, I remained portraiture artist, bringing fearless techniques into my art. I would like to share my discovery with you. Discovery of child-like fearless, expressive art, that we were able to create from birth. It’s just no-one ever let us. Until now.

This was the video made for Tallulah's exhibition that had the same name "Fearless Expression":

To read more about Tallulah and view free videos of her fearless painting process, please visit: www.rainbowgirl.co.za

To read more about me - Annie Hamman, please visit About Me page.

To see my teaching style, visit my Free Videos page and Free Workshop for StencilGirl Products.

SUPPLIES LIST FOR THE WORKSHOP (PDF): FearlessExpression-SuppliesList

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