In My Studio

Welcome, art lover. You probably understand importance of having your own corner or room to be inspired in and create. My studio is not just an art creating space, it is also space for things that I collect and love, and enjoy looking at and be inspired by. They are vintage and antique items (from large cabinets to little things), extensive books library: arts, crafts, history, poetry and some Russian literature, fine arts collection of other artists work (I don’t know how it happened, but I somehow became an art collector through years), sowing machine corner with a cabinet filled with textiles, modern and vintage), vintage typewriter corner, numerous arts ad crafts supplies of cause, and many curiosity items that don’t fall into any above categories. This is my “run away into imaginary world” space, where there is peace and quiet, and where, if I don’t paint, than I journal, meditate, listen to music, dream of adventures or plan my creative projects.