Creating Soulful Art with a Story

Hello, dear friend!

I always loved storytelling and have been fascinated by the stories told within visual arts. Story with a soul have been a passion of mine for many years, thus this workshop was born out of my heart and my knowledge. I've been dying to share it with the world of artists for sometimes now and put big lot of information, inspiration and encouragement into it.

The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind.
— V. Nazarian

To tell the truth, I am not one of those brilliant artists who just sit down and creates complex composition artwork out of my head. I need to visualise my idea, plan it, search for reference images, compile them together in a collage for an effective story line, carefully plan my color palette, my pattern designs, and try out new techniques while figuring out how to achieve certain effects. I also take chances when I paint, and if I fail on a certain stage, I try to figure out a plan B. I get a feeling, that in the same process a good book is born as well, out of research and hard effort. We often imagine a writer, just sitting down and getting it done A to Z, but I doubt that it is so.

You will love this workshop if:

1. You love painting faces or only started learning face painting, and would like to create an artwork with whole lot of additional elements, but not sure how to go about it.

2. You have a soft spot for a soulful art that tells a story, and would like to learn how I put together my creative processes to arrive at this type of art.

3. You would like to overcome some fears related to painting faces and/or hands.

4. You would like to learn how to put together effective composition or how to achieve perspective in landscapes.

5. You are interested in the problem solving techniques when your artwork is "not working".

I took on a several years journey to discover answers to all these points for myself, and would like to share my discoveries with you in an easy and fun visual-creative way.

Here are some students artworks created during this workshop:

I created this complete complex composition artwork for the workshop, beginning to end, giving detailed instructions every step of the way:

I explain my process step by step on how I make my decisions on composition, colors, values, patterns and art effects. The whole process is divided into smaller videos for easy viewing, plus there is fast forwarding on many parts to save you time. Good music is added to create a mood. As a professional filming editor and a qualified teacher with a degree, I made sure you will enjoy these videos.

This workshop has 7 videos (2 hours 20 min of material), each with individual topic related to the part of the artwork we are working on:

Video 1: Composition. Combining several reference images together to arrive at a meaningful composition with a story, that evokes emotion.

Video 2: Painting a face: how to work with values and how to push through doubts and fears in the process

Video 3: Bonus! Painting a face in color.

Video 4: Basic foundation and overcoming the fear of painting hands

Video 5: Figuring out dress design from fashion references in unconventional way

Video 6: Figuring out perspective in landscapes

Video 7: Basic principles of glazing with transparent colors.

The workshop began on 7th September 2015, and is ongoing. Signup anytime. You will have access to this workshop for at least 2 years, with a possibility of "lifetime access" option reviewed by me at the end of a 2 years duration.

This workshop was on full support from me on the Facebook page on a daily basis during the whole month of September. From 1st of October 2015 it is a self-paced workshop, sign up and access at any time, take as long time as you wish to watch videos and create your artworks. Our private Facebook group "Soulful Art Workshop" is ongoing, you can become a member of this group, where artists support each other with anything related to this workshop for indefinite time. If you have any questions, email me any time or contact me through Facebook.

To read newly arrived testimonials from artists participating in this workshop and see their artworks please click HERE.

Workshop price: $25. 


If you are making payment from South Africa, please get EFT instructions here. The amount for South African artists is R300.

Once payment is made, notification from PayPal will be sent to your email. I will send you page link and password within 24 hours after payment. Plus link to our private Facebook group "Soulful Art Workshop", you will need to request your membership in that group and I should approve it within 24 hours.

To those of you who did not see my free mini-worshop/ demo, that I created for StencilGirl Products, you can view it here, to get a feel on how I look, talk and teach. Please note: what you will view there does not have lots of explanation or teaching, while  my current workshop will have plenty of detailed explanations and instructions. In other words, this workshop is much better and bigger than the previous free demo for StencilGirls.

Supplies List

A sheet of 140 lbs/ 300 gsm hot pressed watercolor paper, I used 14'X20'

Black gesso or black acrylic ink to prime your paper before painting (optional)

Acrylic paints, any colors you choose. I used: Titanium White, Mars Black, Neutral Greys from "Golden": value 2,4,6,8, Green Gold, Indian Yellow, Quinacridone Burned Orange, Transparent Pyrrole Red Medium, Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)

Several stamps with abstract geometric or floral patterns

Filbert brushes, various sizes (or any types of brushes you prefer)

Acrylic Gel Medium (optional)

Heavy Bodied Medium (optional)

Small round sponge (optional)