Art Bundle For Good - 111 art resources put together!

Is this for real? - That was my first thought when I was offered to participate as a contributor last year. I couldn't believe it so I decided not to. (You know how we are all get when offer sounds too good to be true, hey?)

This project was such a great success last year, that I decided to offer a couple of my workshops this time around into this amazing Art Bundle.

The Art Bundle for Good is an incredible, amazing list of art workshops, products and art resources for you to purchase worth $4400 for the crazy low price of only $97! OMG!!! This offer will expire on 10th of December, it only comes in once a year for 5 days.

There are more than 100 art-related ebooks, courses, and art goodies on topics like drawing, painting, mixed media art, perspective drawing, digital illustration, creativity, marketing your art, and more. All bundled together for only $97!!

25% of the Art Bundle proceeds are going to support Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok based charity helping refugees. This is a great opportunity to get some top art learning resources from many of the biggest names in the industry and do some good at the same time.

My Soulful Story Art 1 & 2 is included in the Art Bundle, as well as fabulous offers from teachers you know and love, like Dina Wakley, Flora Bowley, Tracy Verdugo, Tamara Laporte, Alena Hennessey, Katrina Koltes, Micki Wilde, Carla Sonheim, and Effy Wild. The whole fantastic list is below. Prepare to be blown away!


1.Creative Dream Incubator - Andrea Schroeder - Value $99 -

2. 365: Activate Your Art Brain (A Video Every Day) - Carla Sonheim - Value $198 -

3. Facing the Facts Face Drawing Class - Dina Wakley - Value $65 -

4. Learn How To Draw Cartoon Faces - Violeta León - Value $45 -

5. Find Your Voice: Creativity That Is True - Alena Hennessy - Value $167 -

6. Underpainting Made Easy - Othophi (Sydney Height) - Value $45 -

7. Rock Your Online Shop Class - Jennibellie - Value $105 -

9. Thriving Artist Master Mentors Bundle - Bonnie Glendinning - Value $135 -

10. Exploring Color: Color Theory and Application - Michelle Tabares - Value $55 -

11. From Drawing to Illustration - Brendon Schumacker - Value $50 -

12. Photoshop: Practical Graphic and Web Design & Freelance Mastery - Rob Cubbon - Value $59 -

13. Acrylic Painting for Beginners: Dreamy Stories Told with Paint - Aga K. - Value $120 -

14. Intuitive Art Journaling Course - Nadine Larder - Value $117 -

15. Tea with the Muse - Shiloh Sophia McCloud - Value $97 -

16. Sugary Sweet with Paint - Micki Wilde - Value $55 -

17. Learn Photoshop: Create Gorgeous Art in 2 Days - Cat Whipple - Value $95 -

18. Mixed Media Art Class: Goldilocks & The Three Compassionate Bears - Tamara Laporte - Value $23 -

19. Soulful Story Art 1 - Annie Hamman - Value $25 -

20. Paint Easy Watercolor Sweets! Step-by-Step Beginner Tutorials - Yasmina Creates - Value $15 -

21. Sketching Tips and Tricks for Digitizing your Creative Process - Othophi (Sydney Height) - Value $45 -

22. Character Design From concept to creation - Martin Perhiniak - Value $79 -

23. Fundamentals of Coloured Pencils Beginners Course - Sheldene Visagie - Value $60 -

24. Outline Drawing - Cindy Wider - Value $47 -

25. The Art of Expression - Katrina Koltes - Value $65 -

26. The Watercolor Workshop - Matt Fussell - Value $37 -

27. Color Mastery in Photoshop Level 1 - Othophi (Sydney Height) - Value $45 -

28. Relax & Learn the Basics of Chinese Calligraphy - Jitka Hruzova - Value $62 -

29. Animal Starter Pack - Colin Bradley - Value $33 -

30. Pattern. Color. Texture. - Tracy Verdugo - Value $59 -

31. Isometric Design for Beginners - Hayden Aube - Value $29 -

32. artJOURNEYling Online Class - Andrea Gomoll - Value $48 -

33. Logo Lettering: Hand Letter an Effective Logotype From Sketch to Vector - Nicolas Fredrickson - Value $50 -

34. The Painting Sessions - Flora Bowley - Value $34 -

35. Facebook Marketing for Artists - Cory Huff - Value $47 -

36. Abstract Watercolor Doodles: a Watercolor + Line Drawing DIY Art Project - Annette Brown - Value $27 -

37. Crayola Art Class - Shelley Hitz - Value $20 -

38. Oil Painting Course - Andy Walker - Value $40 -

39. One Badass Art Journal - Tiare Smith - Value $39 -

40. Painting Workshops 3 - 4 Landscape Projects from Photographs - Richard Robinson - Value $35 -

41. How to Draw Like a Master. Drawing a Hand. The Step-by-Step Comprehensive Guide - John Battalgazi - Value $30 -

42. Paint Your Vermeer - Lucy Chen - Value $29 -

43. Fashion Forward Fairy Tale Characters: Create an Illustration in Paint Tool Sai - Chasity Hampton - Value $29 -

44. 5 Spray Paint Art Lessons - Alisa Amor - Value $27 -

45. Be Brave and Paint Big - Jenny Grant - Value $25 -

46. 12 Animal Exercise Worksheets - Colin Bradley - Value $8 -

47. Beyond Beautiful 2.0 : Suminagashi Technique - Ira Kadir - Value $20 -

48. Queens of the Cosmos - Micki Wilde - Value $37 -

49. Watercolor Lettering: Sans Serif Block - Amarilys Henderson - Value $20 -

50. Learn GIMP - Brendon Schumacker - Value $50 -

51. The Mandala Class - Andrea Schroeder - Value $53 -

52. Learn How To Draw 4 Different Owls - Violeta León - Value $45 -

53. Refine With Overpainting And Effects - Othophi (Sydney Height) - Value $45 -

54. Merch by Amazon: An Introduction to Selling Print On Demand T-Shirts - Rob Cubbon - Value $59 -

55. Easy Doodle & Drawing Robots Series I - Violeta León - Value $45 -

56. Alternative Inking: Go Beyond the Brush and Pen - Michelle Tabares - Value $35 -

57. Masterful Art Journaling - Dina Wakley - Value $65 -

58. Character Design: Emotions and Facial Expressions (Draw Better Faces) - Michelle Tabares - Value $45 -

59. Mixed Media Art Journal Class: Phoenix Rising - Tamara Laporte - Value $23 -

60. Watercolor Lettering Class - Shelley Hitz - Value $20 -

61. Gouache for Illustrators - Create a cute Animal Portrait - Romica Spiegl-Jones - Value $21 -

62. Easy Doodle & Drawing Robots Series II - Violeta León - Value $45 -

63. Creative With Money  - Andrea Schroeder - Value $99 -

64. Anyone Can Watercolor Class - Yasmina Creates - Value $15 -

65. Create a Zipper Brush in Adobe Photoshop - Othophi (Sydney Height) - Value $20 -

66. Pen and Ink Illustration: The Basics for Creating Magical Art Class - Yasmina Creates - Value $15 -

67. Graffiti of My Life (Art Journaling 301) - Dina Wakley - Value $65 -

68. The Pen and Ink Experience - Matt Fussell - Value $17 -

69. The ABC's Of Watercolor - Riana Samaroo - Value $20

70. Take Cake Decorating To a New Level With a Sculpted 3D Cake - Lesi Lambert - Value $35 -

71. Doodle Magic Class | Basic & Advanced Techniques - Yasmina Creates - Value $15 -

72. Fun with Photos in GIMP - Make Beautiful and Realistic images by Manipulating Photo Images - Brendon Schumacker - Value $30 -

73. How to Draw Anything in 3 Simple Steps Class - Yasmina Creates - Value $15 -

74. Learn Traditional Origami - Christian Fernandez - Value $20 -

75. Affirmation Artistry Mini Book Workshop - Jennibellie - Value $26 -

76. Illustrator & Photoshop: The Illustration Power Couple - Hayden Aube - Value $29 -

77. Soulful Story Art 2 - Annie Hamman - Value $65 -

78. Mixed Media Art Class: Fly High - Tamara Laporte - Value $23 -

79. Abstractions of Nature: A Sketchbook Activity (Draw 10 New Flowers) - Annette Brown - Value $19 -

80. Colouring to the Max - 4 Colouring Books and Instructional Guide - Kristy Boisvert - Value $16 -

81. How to Sculpt Moths and Butterflies from Polymer Clay / Sculpture, Modeling Tutorial, Jewelry Design - Stephanie Kilgast - Value $12 -

82. Improvising Comics: Techniques to Generate Funny Ideas - John McNamee - Value $10 -

83. How to Draw Cute Animals in 3 Simple Steps Class - Yasmina Creates - Value $10 -

84. Illustrate a Custom Mandala Design in Adobe Photoshop with Your Graphics Tablet - Chris Sparks - Value $20 -

85. 3D Clay Project: Art Doll Angel - Tamara Laporte - Value $23 -

86. Summer Lovin’ Art Journaling Lesson - Jennibellie - Value $7 -

87. Children's Book Portfolio Assignment: Plan, Sketch, and Create a Double Page Spread - Romica Spiegl-Jones - Value $7 -

88. CourseCraft Courses $174 Off the First 6 Months - CourseCraft - Value $174 -

89. 6 Months ArtWeb Pro Membership - Artist Website Hosting - ArtWeb - Value $44 -

90. 90-Day Trial - Auspicious Arts Incubator - Value $147 -

91. Pastel Pencil Techniques - Colin Bradley -

92. STEP-BY-STEP How to Draw Cats Eyes - Sheldene Visagie -

93. STEP-BY-STEP How to Draw Cherry Lips - Sheldene Visagie -

94. The Secrets I Share With My Friends: Conquering Fears To Create Masterpieces - Nadine Larder -

95. Acrylic Revolution: New Tricks and Techniques for Working with the World's Most Versatile Medium - Nancy Reyner -

96. VIVID Colored Pencil - Step by Step Instruction - Ann Kullberg -

97. Connect with Gallery Owners, Curators, Collectors and Customers: An Eric Maisel Solutions Guide to Getting Better at ALL of Your Art Marketplace Relationships - Eric Maisel -

98. Get Your Creative Projects Finished Now!: An Eric Maisel Solutions Guide to Getting Your Painting, Sculpture, Novel, Memoir, Performance Piece or Other Creative Project Finally Done - Eric Maisel -

99. Start Selling Your Art to Tourists: An Eric Maisel Solutions Guide to Making Money and Building Your Audience By Turning Tourists, Conventioneers, Visitors—and Locals—Into Customers - Eric Maisel -

100. What's Your Artist Identity?: An Eric Maisel Solutions Guide to Understanding Who You Want To Be as An Artist - Eric Maisel -

101. How to Draw a Portrait: The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw Portraits in the Three-Quarters View - Vladimir London -

102. Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success - Mark McGuinness -

103. Carving My Life, Volume I - Angela Treat Lyon -

104. Mastering Skintones in Acrylics - Ashley Picanco -

105. Aspiring to Paint Like Van Gogh: A Practical Guide to Post Impressionist Art - Joey Derse -

106. How to Paint Like Van Gogh: A Practical Guide to Post Impressionist Art: A Practical Guide to Post Impressionist Art - Joey Derse -

107. Joining the Dots: the A-Z Handbook for Making a Success of your Creative Skills - Alex Mathers -

108. The Many Masks of Graphic Artists: How to Get Started in the World of Graphic Arts, Everything you Need to Know, and the How to Make Money - Lindsey Slutz -

109. 12 Charcoal Techniques: A Complete 5 Week Course - Cindy Wider -

110. Six Pencil Techniques: A Complete 2 Week Course - Cindy Wider -

111. My Artist Quote Favorites: An Eric Maisel Solutions Guide to a Year of Nature, Spirit, Beauty and Love - Eric Maisel -


Yes! It's kind of hard to believe that you can get access to all of this for only $97!

You can buy this bundle HERE. I am going to buy it for myself too. :)

The Sketchbook Project


The Brooklyn Art Library consists not of books, but sketchbooks from artists around the world. Anyone can participate, fill the sketchbook with art and post it to the library. So I got a sketchbook from them, and slowly filling it page by page. I find it fascinating to imagine that complete strangers to me would walk into the library and page through my art journal.


How I wish one day to visit that library myself! I would easily spend several days there just sitting and enjoying original art of other creative souls. It’s not the same as working into museum to see masters and not allowing to touch anything. Tactile experience of the Brooklyn Art Library must be truly incredible.


For this little book I decided to use my collection of postal stamps as base for collages and then paint faces on top. Below just a few pages that I am still working on or have completed so far. Few of them already have collage down, waiting for the face to emerge.

Once the sketchbook is done, I will make a small video paging through it and post it here. :)


The cover is made with gesso, vintage doilies and laces, postal stamps, insides of envelope and stencils.


Artist discovery: Denis Sarazhin


Today I am excited to feature modern Ukrainian artist Denis Sarazhin. I love the soulful and feminine feel of his work, as well as unique recognizable style. He works mainly with oils, often repeats his chosen color palette and makes very distinctive marks. His subject matter, composition and angles that he chooses are often unconventional yet very effective. He often brakes compositional rules and still makes it work, which in itself already make him a master of his craft.

I chose among many works of his, the ones that speak to me the most and showing them below. You can find many more on Pinterest if you search his name, there are artworks with male figures, with male faces, some are on the border of what you might think classified as weird, but I would rather call it genius. I hope you enjoy this entry, and thank you for visiting, dear friends, :)


Curiouser and curiouser...


I have received an unexpected message from one of FB friends today: “How lucky you are to be so talented and adored by so many.”

I thought about it for a long time . Lucky, talented and adored – none of the 3 words fit in or seemed right with the way I view myself, or even close people view me.

I don’t think I have ever been lucky, I have never won anything or got anywhere super easy. I got lucky with getting incredible husband, he could have picked any girl, totally lucky he picked me, and also lucky having Tallulah, since I couldn’t get pregnant for years. Other than that – definitely not lucky.

Talented – I don’t believe in talent, since where I started in art was really really bad art, I had no clue, and no special instrument wired into my head to paint just perfectly. It took a good few years for me to paint the way I paint now. I think 98% of professional artists are not talented, they just painted every day for years, so now they are full time artists.

Below yellow one is where I started:


And I am definitely not adored, except once again, by my husband and my daughter. I am quite awkward, shy and intravertive when being not in online world. In person, I don’t have that many friends, and people often find me a bit weird, eccentric, and too straightforward - in a Russian way (we speak what we feel and think). As a result some friendships that I start – fall apart fast. I am also overbearing, as I am constantly consumed by one or the other creative project, and I spill the details of it all over any visitor, and try to get them involved. Often, people just run away. I was not popular in kindergarten, at school or in collage. Luckily not bullied, but definitely not liked.

Online world is a strange surreal world, where things that are on a surface are often just the top layer of you, with some glimpses of who you really are. I think that we are so easily connected through art, because during art making we all get in touch with the essence of ourselves, which is love and forgiveness. Bits of these powerful true essences get spilled into our art and then shown on social media, where it’s so easy to get an impression of that presumably wonderful person, who painted it.

I can assure you I am very human, often annoying, irritable (due to fibro and luck of sleep), meticulous, and I don’t even want to know what my 15 year old step-daughter Luca thinks of me… (“Did you pack your lunch box?!! It’s too late – go to sleep now!!!) lol.

I hope you all have had a wonderful start of the week, and thank you for reading this.

Very lucky, talented and adored (in surreal Alice in wonderland world),

Annie Hamman.


Online Art Auction "Survival & Triumph" - art preview

Annie Hamman - Auction Artworks Grouped.jpg

Dear friends, I would like to share my recent art today and let you know that all these works - shown below (18 originals and 6 reproductions) will be up for sale tomorrow in online art auction "Survival & Triumph".

First, what is Online Art Auction? Basically auctioneer (Stephanie Gagos) creates an event on Facebook, gathers artists (this time its 14 of us) and displays their work for the whole week, 2 artists at a time. People place bids in comments and artwork is sold to the highest bidder.

I am placed on the last day of the auction, so all my art is coming up this Saturday (tomorrow) at 1 PM EST (you can google what time this is in your area).

Second, why "Survival & Triumph"? Stephanie is and artist, a life coach and a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse. She gathers 14 talented artists, based not only on their exceptional art, but also on the fact that each one of them have survived something tragic in life. Possibly that factor adds an extra soulful feel and emotional charge to their work. Lots of art presented there is expressive, some quite realistic, few pieces have surreal or fantasy elements in it. There is something for everyone!

I must say all that art looks amazing put together into one event and I feel privileged and excited to be included! :)

Here is the link to the auction: "Survival & Triumph". Please click on Going, than click on Discussion. Thank you for your support on my journey, dear friends! :)

Below are the pieces that will feature in this auction: