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Let's Face It!



Dear creative friends!

I cannot believe 2015 is coming to an end, and what a creative year it has been! I am almost overwhelmed to think about next busy year ahead of me. It seems like I will be teaching in 3 large workshops together with other teachers. Plus 3 entries for Stencil Girl Products – wow!

I know some of you have been asking my to refer you to a fresh face painting workshop out there, and I could not give a definite answer on it up until my new discovery now:


The recent invitation I have received and accepted was from all year round workshop “Let’s Face It 2016” hosted by wonderful Kara Bullock. 17 fabulous teachers will be presenting videos for the whole year on huge variety of techniques related to painting faces: realistic, expressive, whimsical, profiles, three quarter, face forward, with shoulders and even with whole body attached to it, lol. Everything is covered on faces, plus more. I will be doing face profile in acrylics with palette knives and later in the year whole body: face, figure, hands, feet, plus detailed composition all around, almost like in my workshop “Soulful Art” , but well different.

Prepare to be amazed! Who are the teachers? Some girls I know via FB and they are totally awesome: Olga Furman, Ivette Newport, Robin Laws, Angela Kennedy, and many more names you will recognize if you go to check out this page: LETS FACE IT

Look at some other teachers’ work! OMG, I wanna paint like that:



Juna Biagioni

Ady Almanza

Lucy Brydon

I will be honest, if I wasn’t invited as a teacher there – I would have signed up! Because it is always an awesome idea to learn painting faces from others. I adore faces and so very very excited to be a student of this course, let alone teaching in it!

I hope to see some of you on the workshop next year and lets create together. (Shshshsh.... I believe it is last couple of weeks of early bird discount there!)

Mixed-Media Lanterns

I created these 2 mixed-media lanterns based on assignment given on 2nd week of Misty Mawn "Full Circle" workshop. They were supposed to be a bit more simple, but I went overboard with detail and layers. I thought I would like to enjoy looking at them not only at night, when they lit up, but also during the day. I painted faces in acrylics using pictures as references, added organza, vintage doilies, paper doilies, lace, beads and other embellishments. The insides we painted as well. And now, I light a candle and put it inside! (I only made 2 of them and after some consideration decided to sell them in my Etsy shop.)










Mixed_Media_Faces_for Lantern01









Mixed_Media_Lantern02-Side 4a

Mixed_Media_Lantern02-Side 3a

Mixed_Media_Lantern02-Side 2a

Mixed_Media_Lantern02-Side 1a



Mixed_Media_Lantern01-Side 4a

Mixed_Media_Lantern01-Side 3b