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Collaboration with Flowrsinher Hair


In case you didn’t know Flowrsinher Hair is an art name of a very talented Cape Town artist Jeanne-Marie Webb. FB community of artists often call her simply Flowers. She is indeed very beautiful flower-like gentle soul: JeanneMarieWebb01

So “Soulful Sisters” is my collaboration with her:


Jeanne Marie has visited me recently for a weekend of fun and inspiration. On a spur of the moment she suggested we make an artwork together, and we have filmed it along the way. We started with painting 2 faces on 1 large piece of paper, using only 1 reference (just to see where the light falls and to guide us in the color palette.)

Ok, are you ready to see the reference?!! I am closing my eyes now… 3-2-1… Ta-da!!!


What?! I know, right?! Flowrs hardly used the reference, she is rebellious like that. And I was like: “Hey! Are you using the reference?!” And she was be like: “Ummm… Hmmm… Yea…” I used it a lot! (That’s the way I paint). Somehow this lovely warm green have crept into our work and tied it all together. And the light fell where it should be.

She painted her side for a while and I painted mine, and then we swapped sides and interfered with each other’s work, then we swapped sides again and the artwork was done!


Magic happened! We are both in love with this work, but who gets to keep it? Tough decision… So, we have to sell it. It went to Flowrs shop.

And here is the video incase you missed it:

Art Collaboration: AnnieHamman & FlowrsInHerHair from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.


Thank you for viewing, we had fun!




Just few reminders, next year I teach in:

  1. Life Book – one year long online workshops with 21 fabulous teathers. Fabulous art lessons delivered to your inbox every week, and at end of the year you bind your art into 1 BIG book. Or don’t bind it – sell it! :)
  2. Let’s Face It – one year long online workshop on faces, collaborating with 15 other teachers. Let’s paint faces whole year.
  3. My own workshop “Fearless Expression” involving collaboration with my toddler artist Tallulah Jade Rainbow. Registration opens 15th of January 2016, workshop starts 29th of February. More details soon!

Collaborating with 3 year old Tallulah Jade Rainbow


I have a secret to share and I am very excited about it! But before I get to that, here are some recent news on what's happening creatively. I have just created this 2 min 40 sec promotional teaser video, collaborating with my artist-toddler, for a 1 year long workshop Life Book 2016, were I was invited to teach online next year. Here - she pushed me out of my comfort zone and shocked once again:

Behind the scenes: art collaboration with a toddler from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.

The actual video of us painting will be released here on 18th January:

Soooo... Since the secret is related to me and Tallulah, here is few words about her.

Tallulah Jade Rainbow Hamman is my 3 and a half year old daughter who is painting large abstracts from the age of 1 year and 3 months:


At the age of 3 Tallulah already completed over 30 large acrylics on canvas and had her 1st successful solo exhibition in June 2015 in Hermanus, South Africa, where many of her works here sold.

It all started accidentally, as I was looking for a ways to keep her busy while I paint, so I gave her canvas and paint. She got busy, and something marvellous happened: the artworks were pure fearless expression of a child's heart and they were vibrant, complex and beautiful.

Here is a video of Tallulah making a painting on her own, beginning to end:

To see more of her videos and completed artworks, read about her process, bog post about exhibition, tips and tricks on how to start painting with your baby, and many more things, please visit Tallulah's blog that I ran on her behalf:

Let's get to the point - at last!

I am working on 2-3 week workshop called "Fearless Expression" that I pan to release approximately February next year. It involves sharing Tallulah's painting process and our collaboration, where I will talk about concept of fearless art and how to approach it as a mother, grandmother and an artist. I have already filmed great deal of material and busy gathering my thoughts together into exciting and original plan. I can only tell at this point that it's going to be something quite different!

My new workshop and video-fun collaboration with Tallulah


Just an update on what I've been up to recently... I have taken a giant leap towards online teaching these past two months, so at home I teach art to Tallulah (or she teachers me?), and online I teach other artists, or shall I say I share all my art experience, tips and tricks with all of you – wonderful creative souls. This is one of the artworks I created for my workshop: AnnieHamman-Apple

The workshop is already full and registration is closing tomorrow, Friday 28th. It's called “Creating Soulful Art With A Story” and starts on 7th September 2015. Although it is only 1 week workshop, it has 8 comprehensive instructional videos and might take 2-3 weeks for students to work through. Good news is – I will be available for full support for the duration of whole September. Registration will ten re-open on 1st October on a self-study basis. More info here (if PayPal button there is gone, it means registration is closed).

I was also excited to receive invitations to teach on other 2 large and popular workshops in 2016, but on that I will talk in a few days. For now it’s a SECRET and I hope you can keep it just for few days longer. :)

Me and Tallulah have been busy experimenting with collaboration on painting faces, taking turns on various stages of the face, and pulling each other into different directions. Well, she definitely pulled me into her direction. I started out with sombre palette, but she moved me into more loose, more abstract and more vibrant face. Her contribution have definitely gave it a more layered intriguing look. Have a look at this fun fast paced 10 minutes video of our collaboration:

Paint My Face - Artist Annie Hamman paints a face with 3 years old Tallulah Jade Rainbow from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.

To read more about Tallulah Jade Rainbow and her painting process, and also to see more videos of her painting large abstract paintings, please visit her personal blog:

Tallulah is a professional artist who held her 1st solo art exhibition at the age of 3 at Bellini Gallery, here in Hermanus, with approximately 30 canvases displayed.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow", acrylics on canvas board. Created with Tallulah Jade rainbow and shown in above video. Available in my Etsy Shop:

SomewhereOverTheRainbow-by Annie Hamman01

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