Accidental Painter Of Angels


It’s been couple of years since I noticed winged or saint looking women appear in my art. I go through mostly same process every time, that I described in my Soulful Art Workshop, where I gather together collage elements, shuffle them around until they form a story, then draw it into composition and start to paint. I almost never have a plan for an angel or a saint. I am just thinking of painting a girl with dreamy soulful expression. More often than not, some kind of wing would appear behind my girl, I wouldn’t even notice it at first, but then eventually I would – and then I accentuate it even more, or leave it as is. Laughingly, I started calling myself “accidental painter of angels”. Whether I want it or not – they come. This one I completed today. She doesn’t really have a wing, unless what you see on the right  - is kind of a hint for it. This time, she really wanted a halo, so I gave it to her. “It goes with my complexion”, she said. Whatever you want. Although I haven’t painted you yet, you already exist, the way you want to.





Here are few stages of this artwork. Originally I planned to paint it very light, almost white throughout, but it did not result in that way. It wanted drama and mystery, and vibrant vibe. Ok, I will roll with it.



I called one below "the ugly stage"! All artworks go through it before emerging on the other side:





Final result. "Messenger." Acrylics on canvas. 22'X28'. Canvas border is 1.5' thick. Original available in my Etsy Shop.

Here are the images that inspired me while creating this artwork.





Art supplies used:

Acrylics, Golden range: Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Hansa Yellow Opaque, Cadmium Red Light, Prussian Blue, Titanium White. On the dress I used Golden Open Slow Drying Acrylic in Titanium White. It really helped me with drying time to scratch out those patterns patiently.

Tree branches stencil is from

Large leaves stencil on the left top corner, and circle writings stencil behind girl’s head are from: stencilgirlproducts. com

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