Down the rabbit hole...


I just turned 38 on the 15th and celebrated with passion! In recent month my art took into few exciting directions with teaching online and discovering fresh ideas in creating art. I was invited to teach in 3 placed through online video tutorials in 2016, two of which Life Book 2016 (2 entries) and Stencil Girls Products (I will be making there 3 entries next year!), and third multiple teachers workshop which I am not allowed to reveal just yet (but soon!). Meanwhile my 1st workshop Creating Soulful Art With A Story have began and sky-rocketed to the stars with positive feedback from 200 hundred students and all the incredible artworks they have created:



And here is one of the numerous feedbacks received:

I spent yesterday morning and evening watching all the videos and the whole time I was saying "yes, yes, YES!" Sometimes you find an artist that just helps you grow and I definitely found that in Annie. - Jennifer Congora Perry

More testimonials and student artworks you can see HERE. Registration is still open and I am available for support until end of September.

While the workshop was unfolding in all it's beauty, I've been buzy collaging and journalling to my heart content. I created a series of 12 of these cute 6.5'X9.5' Alice in Wonderland Cards that I just adore. I have been wanting to do that for years and finally decided to go ahead and make my childish dream come true. To make these collages I re-purposed baby first words cards:



And here is the result:













And last, but not least, please have a look at this amazing review this talented writer Elizabeth Cooper wrote on my workshops. Being a professional writer, Elizabeth was always fascinated with story art, so she took my workshop on Creating Soulful Art With a Story to discover new ways of exploring her interest through paint. This well written and very positive review left me surprised, humbled and very inspired as a teacher:


And here is some recent Art Journalling pondering and experimenting:



Thank you for reading this and please stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram.


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