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Fearless Expression Workshop Registration Open!



I am so excited guys!

I am announcing release of my second workshop “Fearless Expression” coming up on 29 February 2016!

I’ve been pondering on the concept for the whole year, starting even before my Soulful art Workshop, but to gather necessary courage and pull it together – it took me a while. It’s a complex subject. Collaboration with my daughter Tallulah (photo above), freedom of expression, unfolding. Intuitive fearless art. Loose expressive painting. I cannot believe it I even dared to approach the subject! It did not come to me easy and I almost dropped the ball several times. Fearless expression does not come without fear!

To read more about it, please visit my registration page.

Or watch the 3 minute video first?

Fearless Expression Online Workshop Promo January 2016 from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.


Early-bird special starts today and there is also a draw to win 3 spaces in the workshop. To be entered in a draw, please share this on social media and leave a comment here on where you shared it.

Thank you for staying in touch and hope to see you in class!

Collaborating with 3 year old Tallulah Jade Rainbow


I have a secret to share and I am very excited about it! But before I get to that, here are some recent news on what's happening creatively. I have just created this 2 min 40 sec promotional teaser video, collaborating with my artist-toddler, for a 1 year long workshop Life Book 2016, were I was invited to teach online next year. Here - she pushed me out of my comfort zone and shocked once again:

Behind the scenes: art collaboration with a toddler from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.

The actual video of us painting will be released here on 18th January:

Soooo... Since the secret is related to me and Tallulah, here is few words about her.

Tallulah Jade Rainbow Hamman is my 3 and a half year old daughter who is painting large abstracts from the age of 1 year and 3 months:


At the age of 3 Tallulah already completed over 30 large acrylics on canvas and had her 1st successful solo exhibition in June 2015 in Hermanus, South Africa, where many of her works here sold.

It all started accidentally, as I was looking for a ways to keep her busy while I paint, so I gave her canvas and paint. She got busy, and something marvellous happened: the artworks were pure fearless expression of a child's heart and they were vibrant, complex and beautiful.

Here is a video of Tallulah making a painting on her own, beginning to end:

To see more of her videos and completed artworks, read about her process, bog post about exhibition, tips and tricks on how to start painting with your baby, and many more things, please visit Tallulah's blog that I ran on her behalf:

Let's get to the point - at last!

I am working on 2-3 week workshop called "Fearless Expression" that I pan to release approximately February next year. It involves sharing Tallulah's painting process and our collaboration, where I will talk about concept of fearless art and how to approach it as a mother, grandmother and an artist. I have already filmed great deal of material and busy gathering my thoughts together into exciting and original plan. I can only tell at this point that it's going to be something quite different!

My new workshop and video-fun collaboration with Tallulah


Just an update on what I've been up to recently... I have taken a giant leap towards online teaching these past two months, so at home I teach art to Tallulah (or she teachers me?), and online I teach other artists, or shall I say I share all my art experience, tips and tricks with all of you – wonderful creative souls. This is one of the artworks I created for my workshop: AnnieHamman-Apple

The workshop is already full and registration is closing tomorrow, Friday 28th. It's called “Creating Soulful Art With A Story” and starts on 7th September 2015. Although it is only 1 week workshop, it has 8 comprehensive instructional videos and might take 2-3 weeks for students to work through. Good news is – I will be available for full support for the duration of whole September. Registration will ten re-open on 1st October on a self-study basis. More info here (if PayPal button there is gone, it means registration is closed).

I was also excited to receive invitations to teach on other 2 large and popular workshops in 2016, but on that I will talk in a few days. For now it’s a SECRET and I hope you can keep it just for few days longer. :)

Me and Tallulah have been busy experimenting with collaboration on painting faces, taking turns on various stages of the face, and pulling each other into different directions. Well, she definitely pulled me into her direction. I started out with sombre palette, but she moved me into more loose, more abstract and more vibrant face. Her contribution have definitely gave it a more layered intriguing look. Have a look at this fun fast paced 10 minutes video of our collaboration:

Paint My Face - Artist Annie Hamman paints a face with 3 years old Tallulah Jade Rainbow from Annie Hamman on Vimeo.

To read more about Tallulah Jade Rainbow and her painting process, and also to see more videos of her painting large abstract paintings, please visit her personal blog:

Tallulah is a professional artist who held her 1st solo art exhibition at the age of 3 at Bellini Gallery, here in Hermanus, with approximately 30 canvases displayed.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow", acrylics on canvas board. Created with Tallulah Jade rainbow and shown in above video. Available in my Etsy Shop:

SomewhereOverTheRainbow-by Annie Hamman01

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Transforming few old artworks

Lately I've been digging out some old not very effective artworks and giving them new life. Here are 4 that I just finished and finally quite happy with. Sometimes revival of old proves to be wrong move, when people say that they love old version better, but important thing is that you as an artist happy with final result. Bottom line is: we are not making art to please others, unless it's commissioned work. This one is acrylic on canvas, painted with a small palette knife, but I redone her with brush and more fresh realistic skin tone. Values were also corrected which I think made it more effective. "Listener":


She used to be a simple monoprint in oils, so I gave her a couple of fresh oil layers. "She spoke the truth":


Update in oils. "On the road you warned me about, I go with wavering heart":



Below work was done on 2006, 9 years ago, I used to live in Micronesian islands then, and photographed this native girl somewhere on the road. It might have been my first ever attempt to paint a face, after years of still life, flowers and journaling. So, yea, she was flat and uninteresting and collected dust in my studio ever since. I was not happy with the artwork, but could not give up on it and dragged her all the way from Micronesia to South Africa (24'X30'):


So I gave her a fresh new life and named her "Spring". I painted her face, then Tallulah joined me and helped me to collage lives and paint the tree. Tallulah's free and fearless influence is obvious here and I enjoyed her fresh approach. It is now framed and gracing a wall in Tallulah's blue bedroom. Our first collaboration:




Collage and ink art with my toddler


Today I gave my 3 year old baby Tallulah her first art journal. I made these books from a good quality 300lbs watercolor paper, so she got one, and I got one. Gave her a photo of a girl's face from a magazine and explained the concept of "reference image". I was in doubts whether my lecture is age-appropriate, but she listened intently. I drew an oval on her page and asked her to collage pieces inside it. I prepared pieces in advance, mostly pink, purple, blue and other happy colors, thinking that as a child she would want them. No ways. She scratched for some black an white and neutral tones and started to glue. -Tallulah, what about all these lovely pinks and purples?

She looked at me like I was stupid and replied:

- The reference image is in black and white, mama.

I think  she added couple of purples just to make me happy, :-/  After she done gluing, I gave her calligraphy nib pen and black acrylic ink and suggested to draw a face over it. Surprisingly she kept looking at the reference image throughout her drawing and concentrated intently.

I made one drawing too in my art journal, and we ended up having the same color palette, since she refused the "childish" one and and went for my collage pieces.

Here is Tallulah's:


And here is mine:


Our brand new hand-made journals made with Coptic binding technique: