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Misty Mawn -- artist I admire

I rarely become anyone’s fan, and have no favourite actor or singer, but I can honestly say (and I even blush admitting it), that I am a big fan of Misty Mawn. I adore her artwork, and probably saved all images I could find online into my folder “Misty Mawn”. I just checked, it’s 192 paintings in that folder. Cheez, it’s almost stalking on my part. There are several things that amaze me about her art: 1. Subject matter: these otherworldly, angel-like girls, pure and innocent looking, right down into your soul. 2. Technique: layer after layer after layer, tremendous build-up of texture and absence of lines, only forms, and if you have seen videos on her workshop – you’ll know what I mean. 3. Light: her addiction to white… well… addictive. That amount of light in her artworks, that touches you with its innate purity, always makes me wonder if it’s reflection of her beautiful soul. There you go, I made a confession. Please do share yours. Some of artworks by Misty Mawn. You can check out her blog here.

Misty Mawn

Misty Mawn