Fearless destruction and re-creation of art

Another Life - small.jpg

Every now and then me and Tallulah Jade Rainbow are indulging in fearless creations like this one. We started it when Tallulah was 2 and we are still doing it when she is 7. Art for the sake of art, for the sake of fun and exploration. Without attachment to outcome. Today we reworked my last year artwork, and I think the result is a good example between stiff and loose art. One is controlled - another one - playful. She turned out to have a bit troubled and emotional expression, but that’s pretty much how art goes. We don’t really give birth to them, they are born through us, just like the life itself is living through us. All we have to do is stand by and observe.

I hope you enjoy this fun, fast forwarded video of the concept “art is never finished - only abandoned.” My favorite part is a cactus in the sky. ;-)

Another Life - smallA.jpg

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