Free video and upcoming new workshop


Hi everyone,

I have created this instructional video couple of months ago for one of the collaborative workshops I was part of. After some time the rights of the video comes back to me and I can sell it on my website. I decided to gift it to my subscribers to say thank you for staying with me all these years and for your continuous support.

You can view it here:

As for the upcoming new workshop that I was mentioning few times on the social media already, it was inspired by my recent healing journey with plant medicines and increasing connection to nature and all living things. It’s called “Re-Connect to Nature”. And although nature implies possibly painting plants, pine cones, cute owls and bunnies, as a portraiture artist, I have adapted this theme to painting, drawing and sculpting faces, inspired by nature elements. There will be art journaling, poetry, writing, air-drying clay, re-purposed book journal making, painting, drawing and collage. A true mixed media exploration, full of inspiration and love. What is more, I am making it very affordable and accessible to all. I am working on an information page right now, so more info is coming soon.

Although I was planning to release it in May, I was delayed by 2 weeks long glandular fever that literally tied me to a bed, so mid June will probably be more realistic date. I will send newsletter with exact dates within this coming week or so. If you don’t get one, please come back to this website in a week, the info should be under the Workshops tab.

Hope you enjoy painting with this video and hope to see you in my new class soon. :)


Preparing to paint on stones.


Painting on found bark of a tree.