Emotional liberation through Brian D Ridgway system & 2nd grape fast

What I Thought I Knew - 14”X18” mixed media, by Annie Hamman, March 2019

What I Thought I Knew - 14”X18” mixed media, by Annie Hamman, March 2019

Before I get to Brian D Ridgway system, I have to mention that I have completed my second 40 day grape and lemon fast on 12th of March (by Dr Morse system). I basically blended grapes and lemon juice and drank 750 ml at 8 am, 12 noon and 4 pm, and the rest 16 hours I dry fasted (no food no water). I pretty much followed my previous formula, (you can read about it in my previous blog post in August 2019 grape fast). I had reasonable filtration this time around, but hardly any physical detox symptoms. I would say this fast was rather physically asymptomatic, although I lost 5 kg of weight. I must also mention that I haven’t had symptoms of fibromyalgia for several months now. I don’t know if I have it any more, I feel perfectly healthy. Vegan food, mostly raw, plus working on emotions have everything to do with it. Last remnants of it disappeared when I started working on emotions. Those of you who have fibro and have already tried at least 1 year of raw food detox with little results, move onto resolving emotional issues, you might need that more than cleaning your physical body. Few times through this 2nd fast I even was wondering if my physical body already pretty clean and didn’t particularly needed this fast.

However my emotional body needed it. This time around I went through HECTIC emotional detox. I have never in my life experienced anything like it. Grief, sadness, anger, frustration, fear, resentment, and similar crap have crushed down on me like a ton of bricks. I never knew I had so much negativity contained in me. The process actually already started in September, right after completing my 1st grape fast, and after being on raw food, mainly fruit, for 4 months, but at that time I was totally unprepared for the emotional break down and did not take it well. I went to NLP practitioner for 3 months to resolve it, but it made little difference. I tried to follow German New Medicine, but could not connect with the system (It works for other people though). I even regretted to ever getting on raw vegan and fruit, because it unleashed so much stuff in my emotional body – it was not even funny! It nearly destroyed me. But hey, what doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger, right?

Second grape fast I started on 1st of February, this time I knew emotions are coming, and that it was going to get ugly. That didn’t mean I knew what to do with all of these emotions. The feeling was: I am going to let the emotions come, and hopefully I will figure out what to do with them and somehow survive. Optimistic hopefulness at its highest. I have been on a self-help journey long ago, from ages 16 to 26. I tried, studied and even practiced everything I could think of or find. After 10 years of gaining tons of theory and getting practically nowhere, I abandoned my search and lived with all my hibernating unresolved issues for another 15 years.

On 2nd February I visited my friend who is recovering cancer by DR Morse system and GNM, and complained to her about what I am going through, with regard to this grape fast and all the emotions. She looked at me intently and said: “You need to break your self-help addiction. I will send you Brian D Ridgway book.” I thought: “What? I am addicted to what?” She called me an addict! I was offended! She did send me the book (which is available for free online), but I only opened it a week later, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to open it sooner. And wow, the bomb awaited me there. I was so ready to receive it, I gobbled up what was in it, like a drowning person with the last sliver of hope. This is where I started crying, and I cried and I cried and I cried, and things of my past and present began unraveling and resolving themselves. There were few links to videos in the book, I clicked and watched them. They made a huge impact on me too. I “participated” in every video, applying the techniques, and things began immediately shifting and changing in my life. I also went to FB and dag up every available free video of Brian’s and watched all of them too. They were mind blowing revelational and transformational. Not in a theoretical bla bla bla wow kind of a way, in a practical application kind of way. Where I did what was suggested, meticulously and practically, and it actually brought results.

I also discovered that Brian just started 12 week online workshop “Level 5 Liberation” that is still running until 12 April, I sent him private message and he allowed me in. He also made an offer to people, for the first time, to get access on “pay what you can basis”, which is quite remarkable. It allowed many people with financial strains, to get access to his teachings, and to a path of emotional liberation. Brian is very accessible and attentive to everyone, he loves people and loves to help. There are 70 people in a group, 30 of them interact on weekly live videos and what a powerful interaction this is.

During these few weeks of online group workshop with Brian, in conjunction of raw food detox that I was going through, I have grown emotionally by leaps and bounds, resolved things of my distant childhood and past years, that I abandoned hope to resolve, and major positive changes have happened in my life. I restored family relationships, restored broken friendships – that were abandoned and seemed beyond repair, restored business relationships, financial situation changed for the better, I overcame fears of putting myself out there and fears of change, social awkwardness and anxiety disappeared. I became very clear and aware on what I wanted in life and how to achieve it - it looked so simple, it was ridiculous I haven’t noticed any of it before. I was also constantly receiving gifts and attention from people in one continuous flow, and transformed from a party loner to a people’s magnet. I used to have severe fear of authorities and bureaucracy (from the times of my childhood in socialistic Soviet Union), and was unable to go to embassy to apply for passport so I could travel. I had no travel document for 7 years and felt trapped! Few days after starting on Brian’s system I applied for my passport. I called embassy and they were very friendly and helpful, it turned out to be very easy. I hanged up and started crying hysterically. I think it’s actually quite funny how f…ed up we actually are without fully realizing it. I have found confidence, courage, stability and peace of mind that I haven’t felt in years, or maybe never. These changes have occurred in a period of just 1 month! If you are interested in trying Brian D Ridgway system, below are all the links. Do not enter if you are not intending to practically work with emotions, you have to give it your best and be prepared to break down and rebuild yourself again. Brian will not save you, he will guide you, but you have to do the work yourself. Be open minded to encounter one of the brightest, intuitive, down to earth and unconventional teachers of our time. He will move you out of your comfort zone, shake you out of your stupor, even offend you (if you need it), make you laugh and cry a lot, and open doors to possibilities you never knew were always available to you.

Free Book “Break your self-help addiction.”: http://breakyourselfhelpaddiction.com/ There are links to videos within this book, please watch them and “participate” while watching. This is how I felt the system is really working.

Testimonials: https://briandridgway.com/overwhelming-proof/

Personal Facebook page (he accepts friend requests): https://www.facebook.com/brian.d.ridgway

Business Facebook page (both pages - private and business have lots of free videos): https://www.facebook.com/BrianDRidgwaySpellbreaker/

If you wish to participate in Brian’s online workshop “Level 5 Liberation”, send him a private FB message, he should give you access and you would be able to pay what you can. (Hope that haven’t changed yet.)

Please note: I am not having any financial gain by recommending any of it, just sharing my journey. If you for some reason against any of his teachings, please keep your opinion to yourself, I am not here to open a debate, this is my subjective experience. Thank you. :)

Hope this helps some of you. Thank you for reading, my friends.