1st week of Full Circle Workshop

My goodness, 300 people on Facebook of this workshop, there is so much artwork posted, I hardly manage to see everything. The workshop is very inspirational like all Misty Mawn's workshops, they are always above any expectation and I am already so driven to do various creative yummy stuff - I cannot stop! What I created on the 1st week:


Life Mandala, 20X28, acrylics on paper, available in my Etsy shop.


Anna Pavlova, charcoal on paper, 16X22, available in my Etsy Shop.



This was assignment on who you were before and who you became (photography and poetry).


My first Mandala.

Following project is not part of Misty's workshop, but I did it anyway, because it was fun. I took my baby's formula jars and re-purposed them. First I painted them in cream acrylic paint (house paint from hardware store), then chose from selection of my napkins (and I am embarrassed to admit how many napkins I've collected). I glued the napkins on the tins using acrylic gel medium, but you can use modge podge as well. That's it! Can be used as pot for plants, containers for utensils or art brushes - anything you want really!