Here comes new Misty Mawn Workshop

I cannot overemphasize how incredible Misty Mawn art workshops are, and how much they will do to your development as a beginner or established artist in a very short time span. The amount of tips and tricks I learned, the amount of great artists I became friends with, I even sold my small artworks online, which I never even though of before. You will never regret taking her workshop, that happens every year in January, and massive comunity of online artists literally live from January to January to participate in it. Not to mention that Misty Mawn herself has incredibly magical artworks, once few of them appear on Etsy (which happens rarely), they usually sold within 3 days, I hardly managed to catch one myself. The course starts tomorrow, 20th January 2014, but you can join any time later and catch up at your own pace, it's usually stays open for a year or longer. These are just a few of my artworks I created during Misty Mawn last year workshop, and I am so looking forward to the new one: