vintage home

Upgrading home with vintage

If to think, when adding vintage - may be you actually downgrading, not upgrading your house? To me, house looks cosier and more beautiful with well looked after items of the past. Here are my this year's house transformations and vintage additions, oh how I travelled to far far away to various places to hunt for these treasures. And I have sown all these patches on the couches, something I won't do again, cause it took like forever:



I did take 1 hour drive to another town to buy 4 of these vintage military crates from a hands of a dealer and just piled them up as side tables in my lounge. Apparently they come up only once in 3 years, I just could not miss this opportunity:


Vintage Metal Cans & Christmas Window

I looove this vintage scale repurposed into a pot plant holder, and adding just that bit of green into my red Christmas window. I found in at the famous Rosebank Rooftop Market shortly before it relocated to Norwood:

Vintage Christmas Window & Repurposed Vintage Scale

The moment I saw this cow online - I had to have it, and drove to the dealer's house to pick it up. What a lovely touch of cute and rustic:

Vintage Magazine Cow Stand

Collection of vintage and modern glass jars, had to hunt around to gather them together:

Glass Jars & Vintage Samovar

Russian "Samovar", vintage tea maker, this one runs on coals and probably about 100 years old. I had to bid on it on, as they don't come up that often, and at $70 it was a steal, as they usually sell for $150-250. What a piece of history!


Many vintage collectors have a thing for tins, I was proud that I am not one of them, until I figured I can actually use them to store my kitchen food and they do look cute together:


I do hope I did good housekeeping job this year with all this creative home making. This vintage enamel plate was plain and scratched, I glued napkin birds on it and actually plan to turn it into a clock:

Vintage Kitchen Trivet Enamel Plaque


Here goes the famous trend for mismatched chair at the dining room table. Turns out I am not immune to trends. I started hunting for these vintage carved chairs, called by antique dealers either "Colonial" or "Vintage", or "Riempie". Whatever they called - they are beautiful, 6 found, 2 to go:


My husband had to make me this table out of recycled railway slippers, so I could put all my antique chairs around it:


I doubt this is true vintage, probably a replica, but still very cute and I always joke that I am in fact offering my handsome husband for sale for an hour or two...


This vintage cookie jar is huge and was packed so well when arrived in my post, that I almost could not unpack it:


I really had a vintage hunt adventure this year, gathering so much knowledge that you could not learn in any university. Love my home, filled with pieces of history.