Restoring vintage dolls

I started collecting vintage dolls for my daughter Tallulah, as I am not impressed with what's in mass production today. At first I collcted chaotically, not knowing exactly what I love the most, but eventually focused on rubber, vynil and plastic 50’s to 80’s, they are most nostalgic for me. I especially enjoyed finding an old, dirty, half ruined doll and fixing it to a gorgeous princess. Really pleased with results, and planning to sow some vintage dresses for them. I used various methods to clean them up, for most stubborn spots using permanent make-up remover - oily substance that does the job so well. Ordered some wigs and shoes from (what a vintage heaven!), and even bid on real vintage dolls dresses, that arrived here from US. I am not planning to keep them in a display cabined behind the glass, my daughter will have them to play when she is at least 6. I love uniqueness of a vintage doll and will teach her to appreciate it too.






Up-cycled vintage cribs, I sowed all these frills and covers to decorate them, using recycled vintage linens from charity shops. My daughter is already playing with them: