index card challenge

Index Card Challenge - Week 2

I must say I am madly in love with collage, for many years. Sometimes to the point, that I refuse to paint, only cut and glue. I do however add pen, stitching and paint in the end, as it integrates collage better. But nothing makes me happier than a bunch of paper junk, scissors and a glue stick. Here are 6 more index cards, altered for the Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge 2013: List of Favourites & Paisley:


Camera & City


Rubber Stump & Junk Mail:




Index Card Challenge - Week 1

I made 6 cards for the 1st week of ICAD Challenge, held by Daisy Yellow. It was lots of fun to follow prompts of this week: wallpaper, zebra, crown, candy-land, calligraphy, recycle or re-purpose, faux stitching. I had concern working on such cheap thin surface, but it actually worked out better than I expected, it does buckle a bit, but after putting it under weight - it straighten up again. It does lifts pressure off you when working on cheap paper, you just don't worry whether it will work or not - my main fear when I start an artwork on fancy surface. Initially I thought this challenge will just force me to practice art more, but it added additional benefit: I arrived at her compositions for larger paintings, and I didn't expect that. I highly recommend participating in the challenge - it does a lot for creativity. Calligraphy & Recycled Envelopes:


Faux Stitching & Wallpaper mixed with Zebra:


Candyland & Crown (I'd love to move these into larger artworks):


Upcoming Index Card challenge on Daisy Yellow blog

I am excited to participate on this upcoming Index Card art challenge on Daisy Yellow Blog.  It starts this Friday – 1st of June, but you can dive in any time later. You need to buy a pack of lined Index Cards, 3”X5” or 4”X6”, and create art on one card for 2 months (61 days – 61 cards). There will be optional themes given for each day. The idea is to keep making art, every day, in a simple, affordable, stress free way. Just doodling or complex art – no rules.

Here are my cards, already waiting to be explored and altered into endless possibilities. Such fun!