angels in art

Story Art Stages


Hello Dear Artists! The busy season is in. It is especially evident in the tourist town of Hermanus South Africa, that I am in. Tourists are living us all out of town, lol! No parking, no tables in the restaurants, almost no air left, he-he. But well, we Hermanians know special secret places to hang out…

I’ve been busy with all sorts of things art lately.

Below are my recent story art works and reference images I used for them. Some of you have seen it on FB and Instagram, but I wanted to share here stages of my work and how they arrived where they arrived.

“Hanging out with the angels” had 3 different girls put together in it, plus 3 separate pairs of feet plus two pairs of arms plus a bird. Below are stages of this work:

13' 14



And here are the reference images I used to put it together:








“Crescere. Grow” was inspired by an image found on Pinterest, plus ballerina feet:





I have had inquires on whether I am going to make bigger e-course related to story art, and I am considering to cook up something like 3-4 weeks long next year closer to June. I would love to hear if any of you would be interested.

As many of you know I am also participating on collaborative 1 year long e-courses, that start on 1st of January 2016. In Life Book I am doing collaboration with Tallulah on 18th January and Intuitive art (much like my story art but without reference) in August.

On Let’s Face it I teach palette knife technique in colourful face and 1 full body piece also related to story art. 16 fabulous portrait teachers will be teaching there for the whole year!

Only 2 weeks left until these two incredible workshops start!

Will chat to all of you later in few days with more arty things. I am planning few blog posts this months, please forgive me – I just have too much to share. :)