Cure for fibromyalgia - my healing and detox journey 2018

Healing. By Annie Hamman. June 2018

Healing. By Annie Hamman. June 2018

At the beginning of this year I had so many health issues, it was running me down and taking over my life. Currently I am on detox program: a day 32 of a 40 day grape fast. I eat only dark grapes and some lemon juice at the moment (smoothies and juice made of grapes), no other food and no water. Between February and now I have lost 20 kg of weight (44 pounds), got rid of migraines, depression, mood swings, reflux, candida, piles, hot flushes, joints and muscles pain, chronic back pain, brain fog. Severe skin pigmentation on my tummy have magically evaporated, my mind cleared, I got back my concentration and drastically improved quality of sleep, and my eyes cleared from brown to green. I got off all my chronic medication and feeling perfectly fine without it. I feel abundance and steady flow of energy. Its consistent though the day, I never get tired anymore and need only 5 hours to sleep.

I started my health journey in February, where I decided I need to lose some weight and joined gym: 3 times a week for 2 hours: 1 hour Zumba and 1 hour pilates. After going for 3 weeks and getting to result, I saw a quote online that said: “Losing weight is 80% right eating and 20% exercise. You can’t outrun your fork.“ The quote stuck with me and after debating it for few days, I stopped eating sugar and wheat. As a result, in March I had heavy detox symptoms: coughing up phlegm for 5 weeks. My body was getting rid of mucus accumulated in years of eating bread, pasta, cakes, pizzas and sweets. That was my favourite food and no kidding it was tough giving it up. Trying to compensate I ate huge load of very unhealthy salty snacks: biltong (jerky), chips, french fries, pop corn. It was probably not the best idea, but it really helped me to get though the stage of forgetting about wheat. Now I am thinking it was brilliant idea really, or I would not have coped.

In March I quit dairy and salty junk and by then I already lost 10 kg of weight. After that I started feeling better, but I still battled with fibromyalgia, felt very down emotionally, and had several other annoying health issues. I even made appointment with psychiatrist at the point of getting on bipolar medication (which I needed for years but never took by the way). I was looking for something, for an answer to it all. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt that the answer was there, a cure for everything incurable, a firm comeback to a healthy happy life.

On 9th of May –World War II Victory Day, I met with a group of Russians to celebrate and catch up. One of them – a 35 year old girl from Lithuania, Inesa, had stage 2 breast cancer. I haven’t seen her for a year. She sat with us at the table, all happy and positive, and ate only grapes. I was curious. Grapes? Full of sugar? To recover cancer? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I asked her few questions and she told me she is curing herself on the detox system by Dr Morse, apparently he has many health related videos on youtube and she will send me a link. She indeed sent me a link that very evening, but curious yet lazy creatures we are – we kind of just push it to the back of our minds and forget about it. That is what I attempted to do. Something in my mind was so fearful to open up to the new idea, that involved abandoning the old. However 2 days later I bumped into Inesa in a mall. She lives in another town, so I never ever by chance bump into her, but this time I did. We arrived to have breakfast in the same coffee shop in Hermanus, me with my family and our eggs and bacon, her with her family, and a bottle of grape smoothie in front of her. I sat there, with all of the bells ringing in my head: “I must watch that video she sent me!” I saw meeting her as a sign and that night I indeed watched the video.

From that point, I had the missing puzzle pieces aligned in my head. “The answer to life, universe and everything”, so to speak. – This line is from Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy, if anyone don’t know, lol. I just instinctively knew – I found it. In a nutshell the video says that there are acidic forming foods: grains, dairy, preservatives, cooked processed and heated meals, meat and animal products, and there are alkaline foods: fruits, berries, melons, herbs, nuts and seeds, vegetables. Our bodies are alkaline, there were designed that way. We were made to eat predominantly fruit. Even if your think that there is no way you will eat only fruit till the rest of your life – and that it exactly what crossed my mind at that point, putting that aside – fruit are still the only things that will detox and completely regenerate diseased and aging body. It’s worth a shot to try it out temporarily – I thought - just for the healing purposes, to get rid of my “incurable” illness of fibromyalgia and all the other stuff.  

Fruit salad with berry smoothie, nuts and seeds was my regular breakfast in May-June.

Fruit salad with berry smoothie, nuts and seeds was my regular breakfast in May-June.

The truth looked so simple, it was almost hard to believe. But then, it almost always is. All the acid forming foods that we were putting into our bodies throughout our lives, are stuck around each cell in our lymphatic system, and sit there, unable to get properly eliminated, creating variety of chronic and auto-immune diseases, cancers and other problems. It’s all very well explained in this short 6 min video:

From 23 to 31 years old I used to be vegetarian. I still remember at 31 I started eating meat again, and 8 months later I had first severe symptoms of fibromyalgia. I lived with that illness for 10 years. Meat was probably that extra acid that my body couldn’t handle, on top of everything else. Vegetarian diet is by no means healthy. Dairy, eggs and grains/ wheat, desserts, processed foods are often in vegetarian’s diet, and all these foods are filled with acid as much as meat. It’s just meat was that extra amount of acid that my body could not handle.

Raw vegan lettuce leaf wrap. One of my favourite dinner items.

Raw vegan lettuce leaf wrap. One of my favourite dinner items.

So on 12th of May this year I stopped eating meat again. I cancelled my appointment with psychiatrist (scheduled for 15th, thank God they could only see me in 1 month when I called them a month before!). I started eating only raw fruit and vegetables: melon or fruit salad for breakfast, bowl of other fruit for lunch and salad with oil, nuts and seeds for dinner. On day 3 of this diet my piles were gone and never returned. 2 weeks later my depression and mood swings evaporated. By end of May I have lost another 5 kg and I felt amazing. I had clear mind and abundance of energy. It felt like I was flying. For someone with fibro, living with fatigue and brain fog is a given, so that improvement in just 2 weeks have truly blown my mind. On day 10 of this diet I drastically stopped my prescription medication. That was amytreptiline for sleeping and pain issues related to fibro and estrogen for hot flushes and migraines related to menopause. I only left taking 8 drops of cannabis oil at night, because technically it’s a herb. I know that was a bold and probably unwise move to stop meds abruptly, I do not recommend you to do so. I was waiting for fibro and menopause to crush on me, but… nothing happened. I continued to sleep with the support of cannabis oil and no hot flushes or migraines came back. I also used to have sensory problems for years, which got worse every year.

I also used to be sensitive to touch, smells, sounds and sunlight, all fibromyalgia related issues. Sunlight on my skin, or sand on my skin felt like someone is brushing with metal brush on my bare brain nerve endings. I could scream. Most of the time I couldn't even listen to music, unless very soft and gentle tune. No perfume, colon, body deodorant or toilet sprays were allowed in the house. No TV or music in the house. I was hectic with all that stuff. It was resolved within a month on raw vegan diet. Suddenly I was enjoying sunlight and started going to the beach with my daughter and friends. I listen to loud music in the car and smells or strong spices like ginger and cinnamon are no longer an issue to me.

From end of May my husband FC have suddenly join me on this program. I didn't expect him to or even invited him, hehe. He came from a culture where social barbecues and fair amount of meat daily is a given, so I did not have much hope in him joining. He told me that he got inspired by my transformation and wanted to try. He used to have a lot of pain in his back for decades and went for massages 2 times a week (imagine the fortune he spent just on that?), he took pain killers daily and had large arthritic nods on his fingers. Every morning it was hard for him to unbend his fingers. Within a month all of it was cleared. His hands look and feel fine, his back is not sore most of the time, and he no longer need massages. Huge bags under his eyes began to disappear too.


Our bodies were thriving and singing on raw living food. I was researching raw vegan recipes, got dehydrator as a gift from a friend and powerful blender from another friend (thank you so much, beautiful people Bevan, Janet and Shane). In mid July I did a liver flush, by drinking mixture of olive oil and grapefruit juice one night, and next day I had 12 gall stones come out of my gallbladder and small black and white parasites come out of my liver. Wow, I didn’t even know that stuff was there! Next day my face skin, that had some breakouts, have magically cleared.

At end of May my friend Inesa have completed her 40 day grapes and lemons fast, went for a test and got results that her cancer have cured. That was just another confirmation for me on what an incredible power fruit holds to restore and rejenerate our bodies.

My raw vegan flaxseed crackers, made in dehydrator, with vegan cheese, tahini, sprouts and almonds. One of my favourite in between meals snacks.

My raw vegan flaxseed crackers, made in dehydrator, with vegan cheese, tahini, sprouts and almonds. One of my favourite in between meals snacks.

Why I didn’t share this before? Up until mid June I haven’t fully realized that I am on some kind of mission or a journey. By the time realization hit, I started looking back and reflecting on this spontaneous and powerful journey that I felt strongly compelled to take. Between June and now I was putting my testimony and knowledge together, so that could share it with the world to empower others.

I kept watching numerous Dr Morse videos, free on youtube, and connected to like minded people on Facebook, there is a group called “Fans of Dr Robert Morse”, who discuss daily challenges of going through regenerative detox. I started taking herbal teas after making extensive research, they are absolutely invaluable on this journey. Beginning of July I evaluated my health so far and felt the need to dig deeper into detox to resolve my chronic sleeping problems and right side half of the body pain, both fibro related. On 9th of July I went on 40 day grape mixed with lemon juice fast. Grapes and citrus fruit has great astringent properties, so when we are on this mono fruit diet for a while – they pull out accumulated toxins from around the cells and tissues in our body, and eliminate them via kidneys, bowels and skin.


For those who interested in trying this regenerative detox system:

In 1 week when I am done with grapes I will write another post with detailed account on how I did 40 day grape fast. What I did and did not do, at what times, what I combined and how I progressed from smoothies to juices, to more lemons, what were my detox symptoms, etc. I plan to do 36 hour dry fast – no food no water, at the end of my fast – dry fast is the most powerful detox tool for regeneration.

In a mean time if you would like to watch some Dr Morse videos, just search his name on youtube. However most of his videos are 2 hours long, so to get answer on your specific problems, please go to: and enter keyword in search block. It will give you segments of his videos on a specific topic. Do join Fb group Fans of Dr Robert Morse, it has wealth of information there and invaluable support:

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