Online Art Auction "Survival & Triumph" - art preview

Annie Hamman - Auction Artworks Grouped.jpg

Dear friends, I would like to share my recent art today and let you know that all these works - shown below (18 originals and 6 reproductions) will be up for sale tomorrow in online art auction "Survival & Triumph".

First, what is Online Art Auction? Basically auctioneer (Stephanie Gagos) creates an event on Facebook, gathers artists (this time its 14 of us) and displays their work for the whole week, 2 artists at a time. People place bids in comments and artwork is sold to the highest bidder.

I am placed on the last day of the auction, so all my art is coming up this Saturday (tomorrow) at 1 PM EST (you can google what time this is in your area).

Second, why "Survival & Triumph"? Stephanie is and artist, a life coach and a survivor of childhood physical and sexual abuse. She gathers 14 talented artists, based not only on their exceptional art, but also on the fact that each one of them have survived something tragic in life. Possibly that factor adds an extra soulful feel and emotional charge to their work. Lots of art presented there is expressive, some quite realistic, few pieces have surreal or fantasy elements in it. There is something for everyone!

I must say all that art looks amazing put together into one event and I feel privileged and excited to be included! :)

Here is the link to the auction: "Survival & Triumph". Please click on Going, than click on Discussion. Thank you for your support on my journey, dear friends! :)

Below are the pieces that will feature in this auction: