Art exhibitions can be virtual.


As artists we are all dreaming to someday being able to hold our own solo exhibition. It’s a big deal. More for telling yourself that you did it, than for the money’s sake.  I never really researched the possibility of doing real life exhibition, until I was offered a virtual one. Whaaat? Auctioneer Stephanie Gagos took a chance on me and offered to do online solo auction of my art. Fortunately I have a tendency to create large body of work quite fast, put some on etsy and forget about the rest. So there was a lot to choose from. Stephanie selected about 12 originals and 12 reproductions, plus I painted few more specifically for the auction, and we scheduled it for 9th of February as a Facebook event, which is coming up in just 6 days. We have about 193 confirmed attendees so far. Any 7 of you that would like to make it a round number?  :) Am I nervous? Of cause I am. The biggest fear there is and always was for all of us is that no one would show up. I almost imagined the echo of my virtual steps in my empty virtual gallery…… Brrrrr! Nope, I prefer to hope for the best, thank you very much.  :)

To those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, here is a chance to see really LARGE stock of my art in one bunch, in all sorts of sizes, mediums and styles. Plus some might go for a reasonable opening bidding price, so do pop in if you are curious or would like to owe a piece:

Below are some of the original and reproductions that will be offered for bidding on 9th of February:


Chat to you later again, and if my ego would get a serious crush, don't worry I'll be back with more art and more of everything else. Because "art goes on", and we cannot stop it can we?