Thank you Annie for this course. I have learnt so so much. Your lessons are so supportive and informative. I have loved working on the projects and been so amazed by what I have achieved. Thank you for giving my confidence the biggest boost, it has made me so happy! Never thought I could paint something that I am so proud of. I have learnt more in three videos from you than I ever did in art courses at school or university. I have so much more to learn and lots to practise but I am sitting by my computer just so pleased with what I have achieved. Thank you so much, your courses are amazing and also very challenging but learning so much! – Lesley Larcombe


Thank you so much Annie, you are an awesome teacher!  – Donna Jones


Thank you so much, Annie, for your wonderful course. I learned so much following your steps and listening to all your tips in the videos. They really helped me to another level of painting. Much to learn left, but isn't that always so.... Thanks from my heart!  – Nancy Boone


This has been an amazing class. Thank you Annie Hamman, so much! – Kathleen Thompson


Thank you Annie Hamman for your thoughtful guidelines during the workshop and for the positive feedback! Also, thank you for the beautiful and moving music that played during your videos, I loved it! – Wafa Abbasi


I have LOVED this course, Annie and I learned so much!!! Thank you!!! – Jane Elliott


 I'm only half way through and LOVING it, and I can't wait to do the rest! You inspire me so much and even though was sooo busy with the preparation of my own class I made an effort to set aside the time to do your lessons as they are so inspiring, and I love your gentle teaching and that you take the time to give encouraging feedback on all the artwork. –Katrina Koltes


Thank you Annie, I have enjoyed your course so much. I love your way of teaching and your encouraging feedback. I am so glad I joined your class. – Vivien Chick


Thank you, Annie! I can't hardly believe how fast I did it when I stopped to complain and started to follow the steps! It was totally different from anything I did! The first piece was sold and I couldn't be happier! – Maria Do Rosario Souza


Annie your workshop was fabulous. I learned so much and had fun doing it.. Thank you from the heart... – Robyn Weinrib


Annie Hamman I have watched your videos over and over to learn all the concepts you teach us on composition, color & technique and I thank you so much for your generosity in sharing so much of your knowledge, talent and yourself. I never thought I could do this before now. - Deb Keyes McKenzie


Thank you Annie I am learning so much, most importantly I'm learning not to give up to keep painting over what I don't like. – Tracey Fermaner


I wanted to say thank you so much Annie for this AMAZING course! I am finding myself braver, more confident, and in just a few lessons have learnt so much! I think I could re visit every lesson several times and learn more and more each time. I simply love everything about this course!!! I think the most useful things i learned in this course were the wet pallet... mixing of colours... how to use Photoshop and of course how to tackle faces and hands! Also how to add a few elements that take a work from 'just a painting' to a 'story'. I feel very empowered to take the skills and continue creating. An amazing journey.... thank you! – Lynda Flopsy Maher


Thank you Annie for this wonderful course! I learnt so much and will study your Videos several times further on to go into the details more and more!  - Lila Sonne


This has been such a wonderful course. I've loved seeing all the beautiful art that has been created here, that has been a huge part of the learning experience. Annie Hamman thank you for this, your teaching is amazing. – Kellie Stough


Thanks so much Annie Hamman, your class is amazing and it's really opened my eyes to so many possibilities!! I never thought I could paint like this!! – Jennifer Stevens