Re-Connect to Nature

Online Art Workshop, starts 1st of July

Registration OPEN


Welcome to Re-Connect to Nature online art workshop. Login and password will be sent on 1st of July once workshop begins.

Early registration is advisable. Once workshop space have reached it’s capacity, I will close registration and re-run this workshop a few months later.

Please view 6 min video that will give an idea on some of the content of the workshop:

The reasons to be a part this workshop are:

1. You love nature and excited by the opportunity to connect with it through art

2. To explore portraiture art in mixed-media and nature elements

3. To explore new unconventional surfaces and new ways of creating art

4. To connect with clay and learn sculpting a face

5. To connect nature elements, poetry, textures, colors and energy into one creative bundle

6. To get in touch with inner self and conquer fears related to art making

7. To learn new art making skills.

8. Because nature and art heals.

9. To have fun creating!


This is PAY WHAT YOU CAN workshop. You have an option to pay actual price if you can afford it, or you can pay what you can. This is a well-made comprehensive workshop that took 3 months to make. I advise to go for “pay what you can” option only if you are really keen to participate, but currently struggling financially. You can also split the payment. Thank you for your honesty.


                                       WORKSHOP PRICE: $80



South Africans, price for workshop R750, EFT details are HERE. Or pay what you can.

SUPPLIES LIST <—- click here

Structure of the workshop:

Week 1: Journaling, collage, painting, drawing, poetry

Week 2: Air-drying clay work, collage and painting

Week 3: Painting on nature found objects and canvas


This workshops is guaranteed to stay open for at least 2 years, or as long as I am in business.

All videos are downloadable.

I hope you join me for this exciting adventure! :)