Close-Up Workshop Student Testimonies.


Annie, I took your class in hopes that I would come out of my HOLE. I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED and you've met more than my expectations. I LOVE "how" you matters so very much. GRATITUDE BABY,  I get so excited with breakthroughs and want you to know, you gave me that wonderful PUSH, I was looking for. – Wanda Miller


Just a note to let you know my feelings - I have taken many on-line art classes but have NEVER gotten more out of a class than yours - Close-Up - thank you from the bottom of my ART Heart – Jane E Schneider


Annie has really outdone herself with this workshop, I am truly loving it. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into such an incredible workshop that we can come back to over and over again, because these lessons could never get old.  – Larisa Groht


Love everything about this class, Annie! You are so generous sharing your soul, art and with volume of art classes; this could be a year long course! Thank you so much. – Bev Sparks


Thanks so much- this course has been transformational. You encourage everyone to be courageous - seeing so many breakthroughs in people's work. You have a gift, Annie! – Alison Fullerton


I love this class just getting in touch with this side of my art which I have not done in a long time and using supplies that have been sitting in draws. I am enamelist and jeweler. I plan to do some of the lessons in enamel. Thank you Annie for this wonderful workshop – Leslie Litt


Before I forget (and how could I?), I want to thank Annie for taking a chance on me and helping me learn faces. I still have a longgg way to go. But have so enjoyed the videos, instruction, motivation, & encouragement she's given to me, and all of us. So many new techniques to try, flop, and try again for a long time. I love that we can go at our own pace. And, Annie, THANK YOU for allowing me to step WAYYYYYY out of my comfort zone, being an abstract artist. My first class of any kind EVER and so glad I have some tools to use with supplies I already have. And made some fun, super AMAZING talented artists from around the world. Sorry so long, but thank you SO MUCH Annie. – Laura Freeman Edwards


Thank you, Annie. I am learning so much from you, I’m so grateful. I can see the point of every lesson and how well the course is structured. I think it’s a work of genius! – Magenta Wise.


Annie, the content in this final week is amazing!! In fact, this whole course has been amazing! You are one of the teachers that has helped me see shapes and values and given me the gift of getting likeness in drawing my grands. I will FOREVER be grateful. Thank you so much for the final artist tip on selling your art! Just what I needed! This is a 5 star class, my friend! Well done!! – Libbi Byrd Corson


I just can't get over all the wonderful exercises you design for us, Annie Hamman. I am learning so much, unbelievable! Every time, I think I can't possibly do it, and then I create something I love and also learn so much. - Nancy Ewing


Annie Hamman Your talent and gift for teaching is amazing. So excited to go on this journey with you. Love your style and your voice is so wonderful to listen to. God bless. – Susan Wimbley


The exercises with the ink opened my eyes to values, followed by this one, it was the right sequence, I'm glad I respected the order of the exercises. You're a great teacher, Annie Hamman, I appreciate what you share with us, and the way you share it. – Ingrid Leva


 Annie, I can't tell you how much fun I am having with these exercises! Lots of strange people showing up, but I am having a blast! – Barbara Marzell


Thank you, Annie, you are a wonderful, inspirational teacher… so generous in sharing your talents and encouragement. This class is outstanding! Thanks so much. – Shirley Tatro Gordon.


Hi Annie, I just want to take a moment to say thank you so much for this awesome class! I have LOVED every lesson I have been able to do so far. You put together such a wonderful class. I managed to watch your final video about selling work over coffee this morning. I really appreciated your thoughts and tips. I cannot thank you enough for all of the hours and love you put into this course! I will be working on these in the months to come (and beyond, lol!). – KJ Allison


 Annie Hamman, you have been so generous and unbelievable with ALL the information you have been sharing. To say this workshop is Amazing is a true understatement. Everything from the structure, to the content...amazing! I had a next level breakthrough in this class that has taken my art on a brand new journey. You helped me to fall in love with acrylics and to mix paints! This has been one of the best courses I have ever had the privilege of taking and THANK YOU for all you send out and put into the art community. We are blessed to be on this adventure with you. – Audrea Gustafson


Time to give you a HUGE thank-you for this fabulous class, Annie! I enjoyed it sooo much, I learned a lot, I was challenged, I love this beautiful group... your videos were full of useful tips, relaxed attitude, great ideas to try something new. Perfect! I don't think I ever enjoyed a class this much! – Barbara Marzell


Thank you for all these amazing lessons! Your demonstrations of color mixing have helped me immensely as has your loving support. – Elisabeth E Schroeder.


You are such an amazing teacher! I am grateful for your inspiration and guidance. You make me feel love for life more deeply, strive to create and express more freely and make me want to bring something beautiful to the world like you do! I just wanted to say that the fact that we are all creating, exploring and sharing so much is a testament to your teaching and encouragement. Annie, you are just simply marvelous in so many ways! - Maxine Schutter 


Thank you, Annie for sharing your talents and helping me be a better artist. I have learned so much from you. My confidence have grown tremendously due to this workshop and your gentle and caring spirit. – Linda Schverdt Larson.