2nd guided session of Close-Up opens on 9th September 2018

Above, some of the demonstrations I did for the workshop.

Above, some of the demonstrations I did for the workshop.

Little hello and showcase of student’s work from previous session.

CLOSE-UP is a workshop on faces. Faces that are loose, expressive and have a story art element in them or around them. After creating 2 workshops on story art, I have decided to zoom in on my primary focus in art – face. So I am exploring story art up close, or close-up. It’s not just a drawing or a painting of a face, it’s a face with a soul, a meaning, an emotion, a story in it. This is the face I like to create, this is the experience I will be sharing with you, in a large variety of materials, techniques and approaches.

Thanks so much- this course has been transformational. You encourage everyone to be courageous - seeing so many breakthroughs in people’s work. You have a gift, Annie! – Alison Fullerton

To read all students testimonies from 1st run of this workshop, please click here.


In short the reasons to be a part this workshop are:

1.     To have fun exploring and experimenting in painting loose and expressive faces.

2.     To get unstuck from your own routine of art making.

3.     To overcome creative blocks and fears.

4.     To learn new things, explore new techniques, try new art supplies.

5.     To share and comment in a friendly artists environment (Facebook group is created for that, I will add everyone who signs up)


Regular price: $100

20% early bird price: $80 (valid until 1st of September)

South Africans, discounted price for workshop R900, EFT details are HERE.



Full support will be offered throughout 4 week online workshop. I will be checking in on Facebook and email few times a day and comment on posted artworks and answer questions from 9th of September up until end of the workshop. I always have something to say about every artwork, I absolutely love to see any creative efforts during anyone’s workshop, it inspires me tremendously.

I have taken many on-line art classes but have NEVER gotten more out of a class than yours - Close-Up - thank you from the bottom of my ART Heart – Jane E Schneider

My approach in teaching is encouragement, not criticism. In public spaces I will point out to strong successful accents of your work. If you absolutely need constructive criticism of your work, you will have to send me a private email, or FB message, attaching an artwork and ask what I can help you with.

If you are a beginner in art: gather as many variety of art materials as you can and dive in with me into the mixed-media world of possibilities and exploration. You don’t have to have everything on my supply list. Everything here can be done at a very basic level and still have stunning results.

I remember starting workshops as a beginner, I did everything I could, and when next year I revisited the same workshops, I saw them with fresh eyes and re-done all exercises on entirely new level. So, all levels are welcome and can benefit from the workshop.

If you are intermediate or experienced artist, the fun you can have getting out of you comfort zone and trying something new can refresh your creative life, nudge you into new direction and set free some unlocked yet creative potential.

It’s a big, extensive workshop. You will have a lot to work on each week, but you can go at your own pace.

I am approachable for questions any time after the workshop is over.

I just can’t get over all the wonderful exercises you design for us, Annie Hamman. I am learning so much, unbelievable! Every time, I think I can’t possibly do it, and then I create something I love and also learn so much. - Nancy Ewing


Structure of the workshop:

All material will be available from the morning of Monday 9th of September 2018:


Week 1: Draw and sketch: graphite, charcoal, pastels, collage, a bit of acrylic and mixed media thrown in.

Week 2: Flow: inks and watercolors with a bit of drawing, acrylic and collage thrown in, focus on loose lines and expression.

Week 3: Paint: acrylics and oil bars, realistic skin tone of muted color palette, analogous bi-color palette, unconventional surface and application exploration, palette knife painting in black and white.

Week 4: Paint: acrylics, oils, mixed media, fully saturated color palette, oil pastels over fun acrylic face, monochromatic realistic oils in raw umber, an expressive face with combined several techniques.


Every week also contains small talk on various topics, important to most artists: fear of starting an artwork and dealing with procrastination, overcoming creative blocks, finding your style, selling your work and few more important questions and issues. I am not an expert in these topics, but will gladly share my personal experience with you.

This workshops is guaranteed to stay open for at least 2 years, or as long as I am in business.

All videos are downloadable.

This workshop takes full 5 months to create and manage, 1 month on research, 1 on filming all demonstrations, more than 1 month on editing, few weeks of admin and creative writing, and 1 month on class supervision once workshop is open. It’s almost half a year of my life, so I kindly ask to not share login and password with anyone, who did not pay for the workshop. I appreciate your understanding.