Kazakhstan born, past 19 years in South Africa, Russian and English speaking, I have come a long way as an artist and a teacher.

Making art since I was 4, that makes it 36 years of arts and crafts in a variety of types, forms and subjects. I’ve been extensively drawing until I was 13, then was accepted into 3 year government art school, that focused on intense 3 times a week art education in watercolour still life, composition, sculpture, drawing and history of arts. I was graduated at 16, and unfortunately got so “sick” of watercolours, I have not picked them up ever since. At 20 I graduated as a school teacher, and at 29 became professional filming editor.

My conventional art training enabled me to gather my courage and go on a long self-taught journey of mixed-media: acrylics, oils, gouache, inks, collage, charcoal, pencils, graphite, and many more – in my hunger for anything else, but watercolours - I covered it all. My move from still life to faces was not effortless and took several years of searching for my own style. I have done a year of art through University of South Africa and then studied through online workshops of several talented teaches who gave me a big nudge.

At 35 I left editing and became a full-time artist. My baby girl Tallulah Jade Rainbow was born the same year and under my guidance became an artist at the age of 3.5 and held her own solo exhibition in 2015, (more on this blog).

Besides my passion for mixed-media and fine art, I have always been smitten (and side-tracked) by varieties of crafts, such as bookmaking, doll sculpting, vintage repurposing, pottery, mosaics, pewter, furniture upcycling, sowing, found objects assemblage and many more things. I have released my first online workshop in September 2015, and my background of art training, teaching and filmmaking made it an easy transition for me.

Some more facts

I was born in the land of +40 C in summer and -40C in winter, my native language is Russian. I relocated to South Africa when I was 21 and currently residing in a stunning tourist town by the sea Hermanus (1 hour from Cape Town), with my filmmaker husband FC Hamman, my artist toddler, 3 dogs and 3 cats. I am turning 40 this year.