Complex Composition Artwork Using StencilGirl Products

Welcome, dear friend and art lover. This is a FREE Workshop. No password required. Make a cup of tea and enjoy!

I made this free workshop creating this mixed-media artwork using StencilGirl products:

This 4 minutes intro video tells a little about me and what I am up to:

This is 28 minutes video showing my step by step process, which was edited, tightly cut and fast forwarded for easy viewing. This is a fast paced workshop with less explanations and more demonstrations:

[To the viewer not familiar with Vimeo. If you have trouble viewing, try to switch off HD (high definition) button in the bottom right corner. Second solution that helps me is to open old fashioned Internet Explorer browser, it supports Vimeo with no problem, while Chrome browser gives me lots of problems.]

Supplies list

My color paletteis Carbon Black, Prussian Blue, Middle Grey, Raw Umber, Transparent Pyrrole Red (can be substituted for Mars or Ivory Black, Pthalo blue or Paynes Grey, Napthol Red or Cadmium Red Medium):

Various collage pieces

Found objects stamps

Titanium white (any brand), filbert brushes in variety of sizes and brands (cheap ones), a stick - to scratch into wet paint (I use found porcupine needle), any black watersoluble pencil (I use Derwent Watercolor in Ivory Black). Also, odourless spirits and white oil pastel/ oilbar (not shown on the photo):

Initial background that I started on is 300lbs hot pressed watercolour paper, painted with a mixture of black, blue and white:

Stencils used to make background (S162, S074, S105, L145), from StencilGirl Products:

Stencils used for girl’s dress and wing (S195, L064), from StencilGirl Products:

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and inspired to create something amazing. Feel free to become my friend on Facebook, I love meeting new artists. All the best in your creative journey! Annie.

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